Easton Children's Theatre Celebrates 20th Anniversary with 'The Mystery of the Midnight Dancers'

Lily Vinocoor, Kyle Foxx and Rebecca O'Rourke in Easton Children's Theatre's "The Mystery of the Midnight Dancers."
Lily Vinocoor, Kyle Foxx and Rebecca O'Rourke in Easton Children's Theatre's "The Mystery of the Midnight Dancers."

Easton Children’s Theatre’s spring musical production, “The Mystery of the Midnight Dancers," will be at the Easton Middle School auditorium, 98 Columbus Ave., on Friday, May 2 at 7 p.m., Saturday, May 3 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sunday May 4 at 2 p.m.  Tickets are $10 at the door.

Based loosely on a Grimm’s fairy tale, this musical is a comedy about the relationship between parents and their kids. The king is looking for a male heir for his kingdom, but he has only daughters and his daughters are disappearing from the castle every night only to return in the morning with their dancing shoes completely worn out. The king sends out a call to all royal princes: any prince who can solve the mystery will inherit his kingdom. But all the princes who show up are comically inept.  A mysterious old woman helps the 12 princesses avoid the laughably unsuitable princes, until one day a dashing young soldier discovers the secret entrance to their fantasy world and wins the heart of the eldest princess. Filled with comedic songs and lots of oddball characters, this show is fun for audiences of all ages.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Easton Children’s Theatre has won numerous awards for its productions through the years and continues to develop young talent from Easton and many of the surrounding towns. Many ECT alumni have become professional performers, some of whom are currently performing on Broadway, and others in local or traveling companies.

There are two casts for this production, one which performs in the Friday and Saturday afternoon shows, the other in the Saturday evening and Sunday shows. Starring as the soldier are Kyle Foxx and Ryan McGarry with Rebecca O'Rourke and Abby Hodges as the eldest daughter. Bruce Hadley and Gary Silver play the King, Alex Panaggio and Chris Galas as the overworked Cobbler, Nick Williams and Brendan Shanahan as the Steward. The mysterious old woman is played by Lily Vinocoor and also by Elizabeth Hadley. The princesses in the Friday/Saturday cast include Megan Foxx, Hannah Clifford, Nicole Geary, Tiffany Foote, Christina Beatty, Maria Aviles, Grace Weintrob, Hannah Carroll, Emma Lawson, Charlotte Collins, and Julia Hazel. In the Saturday/Sunday cast are Celia Herschlag, Lily Whitston, Ella Connaughton, Holly Chadwick, Megan Greene, Ashlyn Butler, Alexandra Glennon, Hannah Stryke, Molly Pike, Lily Sanpietro, and Tyler Decouto. TJ Clifford, Ricky Carbonara, Johnathan Hill, Andrew Root, Remy MacInnis, and Nate Flynn play the unsuitable suitors.

For reserved seating and information about our summer programs, go to ECTheatre.org


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