Easton Junior Grange - How Sweet It Is!

Photo courtesy Mills Falls Marketplace
Photo courtesy Mills Falls Marketplace
Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day we are getting a sneak peak at a true pot of gold!  Most people associate the production of maple syrup with Canada -  after all, it's the world's biggest producer....  Others might think New York State and still others may give a shout out to New Hampshire.  Me?  My rainbow arches right over Easton, MA.  :)  Join the Junior Grange this Sunday at 2:00 pm at Oakes Ames Memorial Hall where we will learn about the history of maple sugaring, where sap comes from, how to identify and tap a tree and more importantly - just why does that liquid gold sell for close to $60/gallon?!  Maple sugaring season only lasts about a month so this is a class you don't want to miss or you'll be waiting another whole year to get started! ;)


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