Southeastern Regional Technical High School Visits Body Worlds Vital Exhibit in Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Southeastern Regional Technical High School recently visited the Body Worlds Vital exhibit at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Students observe the human body through cautionary displays about distress and disease, learning about health and vitality. 

About BODY WORLDS Vital:  Physician and anatomist Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS Vital celebrates the potential of the active and actualizing human body. Featuring authentic human bodies, the exhibition shows the body through cautionary displays about distress and disease, and inspirational insights about the virtuosity and resilience of the human body. The bodies are preserved through a remarkable process developed by Dr. von Hagens called Plastination, which enables visitors to actually see inside the body. In this collaboration between donors, anatomist, and visitors, the donors – having given legal consent during their lifetimes to participate in BODY WORLDS – act as guides and teachers, across time, on this motivational journey towards health and vitality.



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