Bites Nearby: The Charlie Horse

Enjoy food, sports and games at the Charlie Horse

You could stand on a corner and look around until a restaurant sign draws you in. But we've got a better idea. Easton Patch will pick a great restaurant either in town or nearby that is worth checking out.

Here's today's choice:

The Charlie Horse


The Charlie Horse is known to many residents of the Bridgewaters and Easton. For 21 years, it has provided a place for sports fans of all kinds to congregate and watch their favorite team, while enjoying a fine meal and being surrounded by some amazing sports memorabilia.

The Charlie Horse has something for everyone, being a restaurant and entertainment center, so even those who don't follow sports (gasp) will be entertained and well satisfied.  Ed Stewart is the general manager of this sports and entertainment haven, and was kind enough to give me a tour so I could see what makes the Charlie Horse such a favorite among the sports-minded.


To start with, can you say TVs?  Widescreen TVs?  Many widescreen TVs?  How many, you might ask?  Over sixty!  That doesn't include several HD projectors, so watching the big game has never been easier on the eyes or more comfortable.  Sitting in a booth, enjoying the food, with screens positioned so a simple glance up lets you enjoy the game the way it should be enjoyed...with style.


As for the food, where to begin?  Appetizers you say?  Not going to be a problem.  Calamari, nachos, bruschetta and my favorite, the Bases 'Loaded' Waffle Fries are just a few offerings at the Horse.  Best to pace yourself, because you definitely want room for the entrees. 

The entrees are too numerous to mention completely, but include fare ranging from chicken pot pie to buffalo mac and cheese, from comforting fish and chips and of course baked ccrod to New Orleans chicken sandwich, and while you can get a panini grilled reuben and french onion roast beef sandwich, I have to say my fave is the standard American fare, the humble cheeseburger.  But what kind of burger?  Your choice of Turkey, ground Black Angus or Bison.  Yup, Bison. The burgers and sandwiches come with some very tasty fries, and something that one does not see often in these economic times, free refills on the soda. 


Ok, you say, the Horse has a good menu, but what about that entertainment center?  The Midway Cafe is a collection of over 70 simulators, including roller coasters, though if you just ate a big meal you just might want to wait a few minutes before tackling that one.  Video games not to your liking?  Looking for something a little more active?  How about the bowling alley?

Yes, I said bowling alley.  Six lanes, three HD projectors and a slew of comfy armchairs make bowling at the CH different from the lanes you knew as a kid.


Here is the Charlie Horse's Mission Statement: "We only run these restaurants one way, for the enjoyment of our guests, not for the convenience of our staff or the owners.  Your meal will arrive exactly as you like it, if it is not, please tell your server.  You must be 100 percent satisfied or your meal is on us."  I have eaten at the Horse on several occasions, and have always enjoyed courteous and efficient service. 


The owners of the Charlie Horse are the Barrett Group, who also owns the Abington Ale house and another landmark of the area, Barrett's Haunted Mansion. 

Miscellaneous: On Friday nights, the Horse hosts a live band.  Hit their website for details. 

Contact Info:

The Charlie Horse

674 Old West Center Street (Route 106)

Junctions of Routes 24 and 106

West Bridgewater, MA  02379



Open daily 11:30am - 1am, Friday and Saturday until 2am.

Scott Tsiaras August 27, 2011 at 11:41 PM
I can see how some could perceive it that way, but rest assured it is a review. A very positive review, granted, but a review nonetheless.
Scott Tsiaras September 02, 2011 at 09:56 PM
I've eaten there before, and incorporated that information. I didn't particularly see the point in stressing what was specific personal experience and what was not, and frankly I still don't. As for the rest, you are certainly entitled to your "opinion".


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