Health Inspections: Piezoni's, Sophie's Pizza, and More

The following statements are from Easton health inspection reports collected on March 15 and 18. If there are any questions or concerns contact the Easton Board of Health at 508-230-0620.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo

March 15

Slice of Greek is "OK to open!" They moved the trash so that the hand sink is easily accessible, the paper towels must be in a dispenser, and end caps were needed on the light shield over the sandwich unit. The painting was done and the temperatures were OK. 

March 18

Piezoni's hot water ovens were all 110 degrees, the bathrooms were clean, and the fridge and freezers were cold and clean. There were outdated mesquite flavor Cape Cod Chips (dated 3/1/13) and the hand sink had low pressure. 

All Town--Mobil had outdated milk for sale. The bathrooms were OK, the fridge and freezers were clean and cold, the hot water ovens were 110 degrees, the trash area was clean, all tobacco was sold behind the counter, and all permits were onsite. 

Sophie's Pizza had no outdated foods, the hot water oven was 110 degrees, and the fridge and freezers were OK. They just needed to have labels on the cookies listing ingredients. 

South Easton Variety had no outdated products and all tobacco was sold behind the counter.

tyl December 29, 2013 at 01:36 PM
why you posting inspections 9 months old?? Max and Pats is closed down already.


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