Health Inspections: Queset on the Pond, Tedeschi's, and More

The following statements are from Easton health inspection reports collected on March 4, and 11, and 13. If there are any questions or concerns contact the Easton Board of Health at 508-230-0620.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo

March 4

Starbucks at Target had its dishwasher oven at 180 degrees, all hot water ovens were 110 degrees, and there were no outdated products.

March 11

Tedeschi's at 665 Washington Street had its hot water oven at 110 degrees, the refrigerator was 40 degrees or below, all tobacco was sold behind the counter, the bathrooms were clean, and there were no outdated foods found. The only minor correction was that the trash dumpster must be placed on the pavement, no on the dirt, grass, etc.

Tedeschi's at 285 Washington Street had all hot water ovens at 110 degrees, the bathrooms were clean, the hot water was ok, and food allergen signs were posted. There were three non critical violations--one outdated milk, the bug light needed a cover, and store #206 of the full address needed to be on each label. The latter two violations were not corrected on a March 25 inspections, but they were on April 1. 

March 13

Queset on the Pond's oven was at 110 degrees and the fridge and freezer were ok. Maguire's was doing a catered event at the time of inspection. 


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