Tommy Doyle's Expands Restaurant

More Seats will be added to Tommy Doyle's Restaurant and Pub

Tommy Doyle's on Route 138 in Easton is going to get a little bit bigger.

Easton Selectmen unanimously agreed last week to change the restaurant's liquor license to accomodate an additional 36 seats.

The renovation, which is already underway, will expand the restaurant on the south side of the bar and eliminate what was an outdoor smoking area. Tommy Doyles' previous license did not accomodate for food or drinks in the outdoor area.

Tommy Doyle, who appeared before Selectmen, said seating would just continue further and the decor of the restaurant would not be changed.

The additional 36 seats will be at nine tables and the addition will measure 18' by 20' 6".

Tommy Doyle bought the restaurant from his brother Kenny last December and changed the name from Doyle's Bar and Grill to Tommy Doyles Restaurant and Pub. Tommy Doyle also owns a restaurant by the same name in Brockton.


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