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All Easton Liquor-Selling Establishments Pass Recent Sting

After eight Easton establishments had their liquor licenses suspended for selling to minors last fall, all establishments checked out this time around.

All Easton liquor-selling establishments passed a recent sting held by the Police Department in accordance with guidelines from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.

The sting was held weeks after eight Easton establishments  were dealt suspensions for failing a compliance check in the fall. , , ,, , , and the all went without selling liquor from Feb. 22-24. May East Restaurant lost its liquor license for six days because of a second violation.

"I think that establishing clear consequences makes the liquor licensees know that its going to be an issue for them if they don’t card," said Board of Selectmen Chair . The Board of Selectmen issued the suspensions during hearings in late January.

The recent compliance check was conducted by Easton Police Sergeant Mark Ferretti and Officer Darren Mangott, who sent underage college students into stores and restaurants attempting to buy alcohol, police said.

The checks were held for package stores on Feb. 11 and restaurants on Feb. 18.  The minors did not carry any identification and were not instructed to lie about age. The establishments were informed there would be a sting through an announcement made in the Easton Journal. In every instance, an ID was requested.

"It’s a big relief to hear that they all passed," Corona said. "I’m just glad that the restaurants understand that they need to card everyone that comes in."

Easton Police Chief said the compliance checks would be conducted at least twice a year.

"I am pleased that there were no violations this time around but this is what I expect of the stores and restaurants that hold alcohol licenses," Krajcik said.  "They have a responsibility to act within the law, especially since Easton is a college community."


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