Bites Nearby: Alfredo's Italian Pasta Shop in Canton

Nothing beats the combination of fresh, hot and homecooked meals straight from Alfredo's Italian Pasta Store to your own kitchen table!

Each week, Easton Patch chows down at a local restaurant in town or nearby, all for the sake of you, our faithful readers and fellow foodies.

However, we recognize that there are some nights that the comforts of home take precedence. After all, you can not show up to your favorite restaurant in your footie pajamas, can you? Have no fear, as we have found the perfect new local business for you, .

There are plenty of great things to say about this family-owned Italian market. The Canton shop is an expansion of the several flourishing Alfredo’s Pasta Stores that dot the south shore. The Alfredo Aiello family, originally from Italy, operates a pasta and ravioli-making factory in Quincy. The frozen pasta products, since they are made and sold locally, are all so fresh you can taste the difference. The home-made pasta sauce is a wonderful and fresh compliment to their frozen pasta.

New to the Canton area, Alfredo’s Pasta Store is located at 2182 Washington Street, adjacent to. It is in an ideal location to speed in and out of on your way home from work. Everything you could want for a fine Italian feast at home is available, including the most authentic espresso, Italian cookies and desserts. The home-made canolis are made right in front of your eyes and are a million times better than something soggy you would find in a supermarket.

There are over two-dozen varieties of dry pasta, imported from Italy. Olive oil and tomato sauce come in all sizes, options and from different parts of Italy. Any Italian foodie would get a major thrill from the authenticity of Alfredo’s old world commodities. Shoppers will love the cheese ravioli, but for a real kick, try the eggplant, lobster or pumpkin ravioli at least once.

If you are looking for that special Italian ingredient, this is the place to find it.  Chances are, you will find it for a great price as well, as this Italian pasta store looks like a designer specialty store but with reasonable prices. Ravioli, meatballs, take and bake lasagna, chicken parmesean–these Italian-American favorites are made and sold by the Aiello family. They are able to pass on the savings and the convenience straight to you.

Whether you are craving a slice of Sicilian pizza or a piping hot calzone on your lunch break, Alfredo’s Italian Pasta Store is a truly unique, authentic and delicious alternative to dining out. Catering is also available.

Alfredo’s Italian Pasta Store, 2182 Washington Street, Canton MA.  781-828-5600. Store Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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