Great Escape: Out of This World Relaxation and Live DJs

Here are a few suggestions if you're looking to have some time away from the house.

Parents: Between work, kids and all the other commitments you’ve got going on, it can be tough to take some time for yourself. But for those evenings or weekend afternoons when the kids are at basketball practice, spending the day with friends or staying at the grandparents, we’re here to help. 

Each week, Patch will tell you about one or two great ideas to give you a well deserved break—whether it’s a fun night out, a wine-tasting or a quiet way to spend an hour. 

Here’s what we have for today:

Looking to zone out and just get away? Turns out you only need to take a trip down the road. on Roache Brothers Way is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or weekend day.

Planet Beach offers massage chairs and beds, tanning beds, spray tan booths, a sauna and a facial machine. There are also a slew of beauty and skin care projects available at the Roache Brothers Way location.

For more on Planet Beach, check out or visit their website, here.

If your idea of getting away is a little less quiet and you're just trying to let loose, consider on 274 Washington Street in Stoughton. Every Friday and Saturday night there is a live DJ. Have a great dinner, play billiards and settle in for a few drinks.

For more on X & O, check out the website here.

EastonMom2Girls March 03, 2011 at 12:09 PM
Yes a day at the Spa!


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