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Carol Nestler Ousts Incumbent for Selectboard Seat

Residents, Emergency Workers Honored for Fiery Rescue

Easton Patch Editor Patrick Maguire takes a look at some of this week's notes.

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The Board of Selectmen meeting room overflowed Monday night when the Board honored those involved in the rescue of Easton resident Brian Edlund.

Brian's wife, Heather, was on hand to thank the good samaritans who pulled him from a burning vehicle after it struck a telephone pole and tree on Summer Street earlier this month. She said Brian, who was in critical condition following the crash, is now "doing wonderful" and rehabbing his injuries.

were all presented with certificates.

"We cannot have enough words to say how thankful we are for Ken and Nathan and Michael for what they did – and [Ken's wife] Sarah too," she said.

"Sometimes we don’t even know our own neighbors" Selectman Dan Murphy added. "It’s really nice to hear a story like this where people are going to help whether you know who they are or don’t know who they are."

The emergency responders were also recognized. Involved in the rescue were Police Officer Charles Hopkins; Fire Capt. William Downey; and firefighters John Beltramini, Glen Corbett, James Davey, James Welsh, Timothy Griffin, and Scott Brennan.

Thanks to everyone's efforts, Police Chief Allen Krajcik said Edlund had reached the Emergency Room at Good Samaritan Medical Center within 20 minutes of the 911 call.

Selectmen also discussed budgets, farm stands and liquor licenses on Monday.

, and all received sanctions from the Board of Selectmen after selling to minors during a conducted by the Easton Police Department.

All three establishments have the ability to appeal to the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission within five days of the Board's decision.

Pending an appeal, White Hen Pantry would receive a six day suspension for a second offense (March 26-31). For a first offense, Pops would receive a two day suspension (March 26 and 27) with a mitigating factor that they obtain age verification technology at their register. Also for a first offense, LOCO would receive a two day suspension (March 28 and April 1) from the Board with the same mitigating factor.

The Selectmen also heard a budget presentation from Town Administrator David Colton Monday night. Colton said budget numbers, while not great, have improved from last year. The town is hoping to regain two firefighter positions lost last year and one police officer position lost last year. The result will be 67 uniformed personnel: three above the current low of 64, but four below the pre-recession number of 71.

There is still work to be done to close an approximately $800,000 deficit, he said.

"I think this is a gap we can close," he said.

School Superintendent Michael Green will present a budget update Thursday night. We'll have more on that later.

Additionally, Selectmen approved a change in the Agricultural Commission's farm stand to the "S" curve at the corner of Depot Street and Cross Street.

Speaking of the Selectmen - there will officially be a race for the two available seats in April's election. Incumbents Dan Murphy and Colleen Corona have turned in their paperwork to join challenger and Finance Committee member Patrick Goodman.

This past week, Scott Timulty qualified as a candidate for the Board of Assessors.

Don't forget to get out and support Oliver Ames sports this week. Playoff basketball begins tonight at Somerset Berkley with the OA boys' basketball team. Tomorrow night, the OA girls' basketball team will have a home game against Fotbonne Acadamy and later this week the OA hockey team will take on Martha's Vinyard in playoff action.

Go Tigers!


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