Letter to the Editor: Easton Selectman Supports Mark Linde

Todd Gornstein Throws His Support Behind Mark Linde

Dear Editor,

I write this letter today in support of a person whom I feel would be an asset to Easton, Mark Linde. Serving as an elected official myself I can relate to the necessary experience it takes both in life and public service for an individual to be Easton's next State Representative.

Mark has leadership experience, as the current Chairman of the Southeastern School Committee which serves Easton. As an elected official himself, Mark knows how to be fiscally responsible by carefully overseeing budgets at Southeastern for the past three and a half years. The assessments to Easton have not increased and the school is being re-built at no additional cost to Easton residents, this alone is a great achievement.

Local, State and Federal officials need to work together to benefit our Town. Mark works together with everyone and has already taken the time to attend Easton Selectmen's meetings in his attempt to educate himself on Easton's issues.

Mark would hit the ground running due to his government experience as a library trustee and manager of a non-profit that must operate and has done so, within a limited budget.

For this and many other reasons I support his candidacy for State Representative of Easton.

Come out and Vote Thursday September 6th at Oliver Ames High School from 7am to 8pm.

Todd M. Gornstein, Esq.

Kim DuBois September 06, 2012 at 12:27 PM
Excellent support letter Todd! As a member of the Easton Finance Committee I can tell you that Mark has been an asset to the Southeastern School Committee. Keep up the good work Mark!


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