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Great time!

- Heidi Harlfinger on

You are such an amazing role model for all of our children! I am so proud of you and your success in reaching out for a greater cause. You are an inspiration to us all out here in California and look forward to more learnings from you. BTW- Loved your book!

-Melanie Griffis on

Our favorite new shows are Persons of interest, Paranormal Witness, Haven, and a couple others which I cant remember right now xD

-JF on


There isn't any magic going on there. The only magic will be if it gets finished on time. Great column Mr H. i loved your Roadrunner story. You have a bizarre imagination but I guess that's what a writer has to have.

-Kara M. on

Time for a new power company! There was not a single crew in Easton or brockton until day 3. They think this is a good response? Ugh! Thank God the town of Easton did a great job cleaning up. Basically it seemed to be the town that removed all the trees and branches from the wires. When n.g. showed up finally all they had to do was fix some fuses. My street still has no street lights and how long has it been?

-JF on


44 percent of users voted for "Good. They did what they could with the hand they were dealt" in answering the question "How do you rate National Grid's response to Tropical Storm Irene?" The next closest choice was "Aweful. There should be consequences for the lack of responsiveness and organization," with 30 percent.


They Truly Deserve this money!

-Elaine Dahlgren on Warren Buffett's Sister to Donate to Easton Nonprofit


I thoroughly enjoy the Patch and never miss a day without logging on to see what is going on in Easton. This is the best local news source for daily news in Easton.

-Cooper Bella on

Thanks so much for the beautiful words and fond memories of my Dad. He will live forever in our hearts. Wiping away my happy tears you have left me with a big smile.

-Kara Fernandes on

Brian Hemmert, Jesse Barnett, Kerri Mullen, Kim Pressey and Andrew Peterson "liked" Thank You For a Fantastic Year on Facebook.

Love the Murphy Kids in this photo

-Katie Koehler Kelley on Grab 'n' Go Kids' Planner - October via Facebook.


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