Question of the Day: Main Street Cafe Location

What should replace Main Street Cafe on Main Street?

After a hiatus, question of the Day is back! To answer, use the comments section below.

If you haven't noticed, the store front on Main Street which formerly housed Main Street Cafe has been left vacant. The breakfast and lunch shop packed up and left last month.

With officially beginning last week with the y, the Main Street spot will be a prime business location in the face-lifted downtown.

Perhaps a new restaurant will move in? Or, something entirely different?

What do you think? What should replace Main Street Cafe?

To answer, use the comments section below.

Bill "The Swede" Anderson June 12, 2012 at 12:21 PM
My guess is that it stays vacant until after the downtown project is completed. No business in their right mind would open knowing construction is around the corner. The space will have to be expended also, ADA restrooms and the like. Also, it appears that after the project that there are fewer parking spaces. I may be wrong. Until the town parking lot gets raised, or better yet decked, any business downtown is at a disadvantage. A breakfast place would be great though.
Jimmy Donnelly June 12, 2012 at 10:54 PM
The Main Street Cafe was simply an awful place with awful service. I swear the woman that worked as the waitress there was making money some other way because customers were not anywhere on her radar ever. It always smelled like someone was smoking in there, the prices were high, food was gross and it was always ALWAYS filthy. I'm glad it's gone.
Longtime Resident June 13, 2012 at 03:04 PM
i gave that place so many chances to please and it always fell short. a good home style breakfast and lunch place is sorely needed and main street is a perfect location. now here's a radical thought. parking is a main problem in revitalizing downtown. i would carve out the front lawn to the old grammer school to provide street level parking. i would also think about leveling the rockery into a true common with benches and additional parking. don't tell my friends i said that.
Janet Sroczynski June 13, 2012 at 03:29 PM
There is plenty of parking at the old grammar school downtown, and certainly the school does not to have it's front lawn carved out. For a longtime resident, you should appreciate the home town feel of the downtown North Easton area. The rockery is lovely the way it is. If you want suggestions for parking, try offering a donation to the local churches in the North Easton area, and offer to use their parking lots -for a fee/donation.
Melissa Scarry June 28, 2012 at 11:12 AM
Ive always fantasized about opening a great breakfast/cafe spot using organic farm produce from local farms and family recipes. Id sell specialty food items and chocolate, with a juice bar. The decor would match the old fashion feel of the town center but chic with plenty of historic memorabilia and resources from easton. Id sell something in the shop from which the proceeds would go to preserving the open space in easton and the firefighters. Its an awesome spit with ridiculous amounts of potential eith the new condos, apartments and train coming. I just wish i had the capital now so i could strike while the irons hot!!! I really hope someone does it justice and uses it to bring a modern appreciation of eastons rich history in a fun way. I would definitely carry over their benefict menu! The cook was terrible but there was a lot of potential in those recipes!


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