Question of the Day: Menino's Handling of 'Occupy'

Do you think Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has handled the "Occupy" protests well?


Yesterday, Governor Deval Patrick praised Boston Mayor Thomas Menino's handling of the "Occupy Boston" protests, saying he has shown "balance" in his approach.

“The mayor has shown a really wonderful sense of balance in how he has approached Occupy Boston,” Patrick told the Boston Globe, “[showing] both respect for the right of the people who were present to be there and have their voices heard, and also his concern for the public safety and the public interest of the rest of the public.”

"Occupy Boston" protesters were recently removed from Dewey Square after losing a court battle that would have allowed them to stay. 47 people were arrested but there were no reported injuries.

Despite removal from Dewey Square, protesters say their fight isn't over. Yesterday, approximately 75 people marched in City Hall Plaza.

Do you think Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has handled the "Occupy" protests well?

Bob Havey December 13, 2011 at 08:44 PM
He should pay all the expenses out of his pocket. Over a million for police details. Forty to fifty thousand to clean up and repair damage. He's the one who allowed them to be there without a permit and then he blamed a judge for not making a decision quickly enough to evict them. I have no problem with protesting, but it should be done withing the context of the law. Menino has set a dangerous precedent. This is the same genius who wouldn't allow port-a-potties at a parade for either the Patriots or Sox - I forget which - because he said people would use them as weapons. I still haven't figured that one out! What a clown. Who the heck votes for this guy?
Elaine Dahlgren December 15, 2011 at 07:07 PM
NO!! In my opinion, he's a total moron!!


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