Question of the Day: The Right Decision?

Did Foxborough selectmen make the right decision last night?

Last night, the Foxborough Board of Selectmen to Governor Deval Patrick, the state gaming commission, and Bob Kraft and Steve Wynn saying they would not support a casino in Foxborough.

Arguments were made for both sides. While proponents think it would bring jobs to the town, opponents cited traffic issues and decreased property values.

If Easton was in a similar situation, how would you want our selectmen to vote?

Do you think Foxborough selectmen made the right decision?

Janet Sroczynski December 28, 2011 at 05:41 PM
Where Bob Kraft owns the land and he has openly stated in the Boston press that he wanted to put a Life Sciences Complex on the land across the street from Gillette Stadium, perhaps he will get his wish. No casino, but a Life Sciences Complex. For a Life Science Complex, companies and jobs there is: 1) http://www.USALifeSciences.com which will route you along to 2) http://www.BioTechGate.com - a Global Database. 1) 22,191 Companies 2) 23,282 Products 3) 3,109 Technologies 4) 2,884 Financing Rounds 5) 240 Company Valuations 6) 27,093 Management Details 7) 4,918 Licensing Opportunities 8) 1,355 Deals Per their own website "Biotechgate has grown significantly in 2011. More than 22,000 company profiles and over 1,300 licensing deals."


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