Who are you????

Today  went out of my home I met a man taking pictures of all angles of my hone and measuring my sidewalk all around,  I did asked the man for identification, he said cdot ..then a contractor.. when I asked for Id he had none ?? I called the 19th ward and discussed this matter with a staff member, she called me back and said that the photos were needed so they did the work in the right place... like the city can not read a street address!!! but what bothers me is failure to produce an ID.. the city requires it.. the 19th ward said they will send a quote from the city ordnance's to me on this matter.  With all the scams and problems going on I would think the city would require there agents/ contractors to provide Photo Id . I do not want to call the police when A simple Id would suffice. I believe in trust but I verify..who is around my home. thank you

(the ward office Has been very helpful and timely so far



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