Arkansas Man Arrested After Assaulting Police

Christopher Frazee, 27, of Hot Springs, Ark. Photo Credit: Easton Police Department.
Christopher Frazee, 27, of Hot Springs, Ark. Photo Credit: Easton Police Department.
A 27-year-old Arkansas man was arrested after he allegedly punched a police officer in the face while drunk and continued to kick and spit at officers as he was brought into the station, according to the Easton Police Department. 

Christopher Frazee of Hot Springs, Ark. was spotted by an officer walking in the area of Elm and Main Streets and appeared drunk. The officer, concerned because it was only 17 degrees outside, approached Frazee, who allegly punched him in the face. 

The officer called for backup and Frazee was arrested and brought to the Easton Police Station, where his allegedly kicked and spat at officers. He was unable to tell the officers where he was coming from or why he was in Easton. 

Frazee was held on bail and transported to the New Bedford House of Correction. He was arraigned in Taunton District Court and charged with Assault and Battery on police officers and resisting arrest. 
JF March 12, 2014 at 11:48 AM
Alcohol strikes again! It's ironic how obsessed everyone is over far less dangerous drugs, when alcohol is the huge problem. It makes people violent, insane, causes domestic violence and even makes people lose their ability to reason or make any intelligent decision. It even is sold in tiny cheap nips, flavored for kids. Strawberry, butterscotch, peach, etc.. It's illegal to have flavored tobacco, because they say it's for kids. The hypocrisy is astounding. Most people drink, so we can't even raise the tax on alcohol to pay for the utter destruction it causes..


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