Easton Resident in Critical Condition After Being Pulled From Burning Vehicle

Brian Edlund is at Boston Medical Center after his vehicle burst into flames when it struck a telephone pole Wednesday night.


An Easton resident is in critical condition after he was pulled from a burning vehicle on Summer Street Wednesday night.

Brian Edlund, 51, of 229 Center St., Easton, is in critical condition at Boston Medical Center after his 2007 audi burst into flames when it struck a telephone pole at approximately 10:20, Police Chief Allen Krajcik said.

Krajcik said three Easton residents - Nathan Everett of 18 Summer St, Kenneth Bowman of 25 Summer St and Michael McGowan of 24 Summer St - were able to pull Edlund from the burning vehicle before emergency responders arrived. Easton Officer Charles Hopkins assisted in moving him further away from the vehicle upon his arrival.

The Easton Fire Department transported Edlund to Good Samaritan Medical Center. He was later brought to Boston Medical.

"The victim’s life was clearly saved by the actions of the residents and the police officer who endangered themselves by moving the victim from the car," Krajcik said in a statement.

Summer Street was closed for several hours last night and the accident is being investigated by Police Officer Keith Boone.

Patch will follow with more information as it becomes available.

JF February 12, 2012 at 01:41 PM
This was quite a bad scene. There was a boom and the power went out. I was amazed to see summer street full of so many flashing lights so soon after, as I was only expecting National Grid (who we all know takes their sweet time O_o ) It's great to see there are still good men around who will risk their own lives to save another.
lee a monroe March 02, 2012 at 06:32 PM
It was a bad scene but even worse are the residents who looked upon this accident as a way to get noticed in the paper. The accident occurred at 21 Summer St and that home owner, John Monroe, is one of the true heros. He didn't ask that his name be in the paper, even though news cameras were camped out for hours at his property, looking to make a story. There were no police to assist with the rescue, as a matter of fact they had to be called twice. And the car did not explode in flames on impact, it was a oil/engine fire that had to be put out twice. I just wish that people would get their stories straight.


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