Get the Info on Easton Fire Department Burning Permits

Easton Fire Department. Patch File Photo.
Easton Fire Department. Patch File Photo.
The Easton Fire Department is alerting residents in a change in procedure for issuing Burning Permits: The permits will now be issued at Station #3 at 413 Bay Road in the lobby during the hours of 8 AM to 7pm Monday thru Sunday.
  • Burning shall only be allowed between the hours of 10AM and 4 PM from January 15 through May 1 of the same year.
  • The Fire Department may revoke a permit at any time for violation of open air burning rules or creating a nuisance.
  • Open burning must be at least 75 feet from all dwellings and must not become a nuisance to neighbors.
  • Open burning may be halted at any time due to dry and windy weather.
  • People conducting illegal burning, or who allow a fire to get out of control, may be held liable for costs of extinguishing a fire, fined, and even imprisoned.

With A Permit, Burning of the Following Materials is Allowed:

  • Brush, cane, driftwood, and forestry debris from other than commercial or industrial land clearing operations
  • Materials normally associated with the pursuit of agriculture such as, fruit tree pruning’s, dead raspberry stalks, blueberry patches for pruning purposes, and infected beehives for disease control.

Burning of the Following Materials is Prohibited Statewide:
  • Brush, trees, cane and driftwood from commercial and/or industrial land clearing operations.
  • Grass, hay, leaves, stumps, and tires.
  • Construction material and debris
How to Safely Ignite the Fire
  • An adult should always be present during open burning and children and pets should be kept at a safe distance 
  • away.
  • Use paper and kindling to start a fire and add progressively larger pieces of wood. Parts of a leftover Christmas 
  • tree may also be used.
  • Never use gasoline, kerosene or any other flammable liquid to start a fire! The risk of personal injury in these 
  • cases is very high.
  • Burn one small pile at a time and slowly add to it. This will help keep the fire from getting out of control.
  • Select a location away from utility lines.
  • Keep a hose or water supply nearby. 
Permission must be obtained for each day of burning by calling the fire department's recorded burning line at 508-230-0788.


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