UPDATE: Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Not Pressing Charges

Another woman has come forward saying she was raped on the campus of Stonehill College last month.

Updated 5:17 p.m.: 
Martin McGovern, director of communications at Stonehill College, said that the assaults did occur on campus.

"But to protect the privacy of the victims, we do not name the buildings as that might make it easy to identify the victim, especially in a small community," McGovern said. 

The girl who was allegedly assaulted will not be pressing charges at this time.

"Students always have the option to press charges and if they do so, we will support their choice," McGovern said. 

He also noted that at orientation, all first year students attend a sexual assault and prevention presentation. There is also a bystander intervention program that teaches students how to intervene or respond when they see others in dangerous or difficult situations.

"We encourage students to look out for one and other," McGovern said. "We offer programs during the year on general safety with members of the Stonehill Police Department going into the residence halls and advising students on safety and prevention issues." 

Other programs include the Rape Aggression Defense Classes every semester, a safety escort program and the Take Back the Night march across campus every April.

Updated 3:58 p.m.:
Martin McGovern, director of communications at Stonehill College, issued the following statement regarding the most recent rape incident reported to have happened Dec. 7 as related to an incident that allegedly occurred Nov. 23: 

This incident is in no way connected to the Nov. 23rd incident, which was widely covered by local media. In this case, the victim knew who the alleged perpetrator was so we do not have any suspect at-large. Below is the College’s statement on the incident. As for the Nov. 23rd case, it is still an active and on-going investigation with Stonehill and Easton Police following up on leads. There have been no arrests at this point. 

On Monday, January 20th, the Stonehill College Campus Police Department received a report from a female student that she had been sexually assaulted on campus in early December of last year by a male student who is known to her. The reporting of a sexual offense is a matter the College takes very seriously and as part of our protocol, the Stonehill Campus Police Department has notified the Easton Police Department of the report. And as is required by federal law, the College is conducting a Title IX investigation.

The College has worked very hard to create an environment where victims of sexual assault are comfortable with coming forward and reporting an incident. The underreporting of sexual assaults on college campuses around the nation is of serious concern, and the College has taken this challenge head on. Over the last several years, we have introduced several programs geared toward not only helping to prevent sexual assault, but also creating an atmosphere where victims do not fear coming forward. 

The health and well-being of victims in reported cases of sexual assault is always our top priority. Victims in reported cases are always offered multiple resources, such as options to pursue charges with outside law enforcement, counseling services, medical services, alternative housing options, and academic accommodations. A number of Stonehill community members also serve as Sexual Harassment and Assault Resource and Education (S.H.A.R.E.) Advisors and work closely and supportively with the students involved in these types of cases.

Original story posted 3:45 p.m.:

Fox News reports that the woman reported Monday that she was raped by a fellow student on Dec. 7. This is two weeks after a woman reported being raped Nov. 23. 

The incident is being investigated by campus and local police. More information on this story will be posted shortly.


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