Man Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Easton Police Officer

An East Fairhaven man was arrested Friday evening.

An East Fairhaven man was arrested Friday evening after allegedly attacking an Easton police officer.

Christopher Cunniff, 26, of East Fairhaven was arrested and charged with malicious damage to property (mailboxes), resisting arrest, and assault and battery on a police officer, Police Chief Allen Krajcik said.

Krajcik said police responded to multiple calls at approximate 5 p.m. Friday regarding two men near 655 Foundry Street who were damaging mailboxes.

When police arrived, Krajcik said police found two males. One of them, Cunniff was lying in the woods a short distance from the street and appeared intoxicated.

"When questioned about the damage to mailboxes, [he] became very belligerent and attacked Officer Brandon Walkus," Krajcik said.

Cunniff was sprayed with pepper spray and Walkus was uninjured.

The second person Cunniff was with is a Norton resident who was not charged.  Cunniff was transported to the New Bedford House of Correction and held on two hundred dollars bail.

Honest Abe May 19, 2012 at 07:09 PM
Tasers are a much more effective non-leathal tool in situations like these. They immediately incapacitate the subject making them much easily controlled. Pepper spray sometimes just seems to agitate people causing officers and suspects to get injured more.
JF June 09, 2012 at 08:53 PM
of course alcohol was involved... amazes me we pick on smokers so much and ignore the big elephant in the room... and abe, the cops dont need tazers. they just need to be able to shoot the people attacking them.


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