Residents Provide Mixed Reviews For Storm Cleanup

We asked Easton residents on facebook what they thought of the storm cleanup.

On Monday, Easton Patch took to its Facebook page to ask residents what grade they would give Easton for plowing streets after the Blizzard of 2013 and why.

The reaction we got over the last few days has been mixed. While some commended Easton's plow drivers, others felt the job could have been much better. Easton Fire Chief Kevin Partridge told Selectmen this week that the 24 town-operated plows and 58 contractors were on the roads for 32 hours straight throughout the blizzard.

"They did a tremendous job keeping the roads open," Partridge said of the DPW. "None of the roads were closed during the blizzard...Some roads were hit 30 – 50 times during the storm."

Here is the response we got from residents on Facebook:

Easton Patch What grade would you give Easton for plowing the streets and why?
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John Refford I haven't travelled much since the storm; however I can note that Bay Road was much more clear and safe in Sharon than Easton.
Monday at 12:00pm
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Tara Badgio Delamere not good, main roads covered in snow this morning, rt. 106 a mess, once in Mansfield - all clear, not one speck of snow, same with Bay Rd., Norton was clear, Easton was covered in snow.
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Judy Ostroff Litwak Not good. 106 is a mess.
Monday at 1:02pm · Like

Melissa Corinne I thought it was great considering all the snow we got. 138 was very clear! There were a lot of people out on Saturday which probably made it hard for the plows, and I see they are still at it today. There really aren't many places to put the snow. Thank you for all your hard work plowers!
Monday at 1:07pm
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Nikki Muradian Dostoomian D! Some roads look like they haven't been plowed at all!!!!
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Bobby O'Donnell 138 was good, all of the other roads were terrible
Monday at 1:57pm
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Genevieve Pollock Great job considering what the plow drivers were up against. Many thanks to all their efforts to make the roads clear & passable for us!
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Brenda Powers Drove through Easton, Brockton, Milton and into Boston today. Easton was sadly, the wrost. A little concerned about what it is going to be like around 7 when I am coming home tonight.
Monday at 2:39pm
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Sam Graff Considering the magnitude of the storm and how much work had to get done around town, C. Bay Road was covered by at least 4-5 inches. All main roads were covered. A lot of small streets are only plowed wide enough for one car to go down at a time. The surrounding towns are in much better shape than Easton.
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Michael Cioffi Id say a C or C- since they sent tons of plows threw but on many roads there was still 4 to 6 inches.
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Patrick J Folan B. This was by far one of the toughest storms to plow. The town of Easton did well for what they were up against. The timing / wind driven snow drifts / amount of snow that fell made it very hard for the roads to stay clear. Then add a mix of vehicles driving over the roads during the day Saturday/Sunday and packing down the snow made it near impossible to keep them clean. I travelled to other surrounding towns and they were an absolute nightmare, way worse than Easton. 138 was excellent due to the State pre-treating the roads with $$expensive$$ materials. I wonder why the State doesn't take care of 123 and 106 as well?
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April Knipe I think the did an exceptional job! I drive for a living and unless we are forced to shut down we depend on them to make it as easy as possible for us. Way to go you guys GREAT JOB!!
Monday at 5:16pm via mobile · Like

Mark Sessa I don't have a problem with the initial response. They did a great job getting the bulk of the snow removed. However, where were the plows after that? This is not a complaint, but I think the town owes some sort of an explanation as to why plows did not return to finish plowing main roads. There had to be some reason. It would be nice to hear it.
Yesterday at 12:20pm
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