State Police Investigate Trooper, Son of Former Easton Town Administrator

State Trooper Adam Paicos, an Oliver Ames graduate, is under investigation for four incidents, including allegedly driving the wrong way on Memorial Drive in Cambridge.

State Trooper Adam Paicos, an Oliver Ames graduate and son of former Easton Town Administrator (and current Foxborough Town Manager) Kevin Paicos, was put on restrictive duty last week while he is investigated for several incidents.

One incident includes allegations that he drove the wrong way on Memorial Drive in Cambridge on April 3 in his personal vehicle, according to Fox 25.

A statement from the Massachusetts State Police Department Tuesday said there were four incidents, including the April 3 incident, that are the subject of review, all of which occurred within the last several weeks.

Specific details are not being provided at this time.

"We are conducting a complete and thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding each incident," Massachusetts State Police Spokesman David Procopio said in a statement. "The results of the ongoing investigation will determine whether Trooper Paicos faces disciplinary action."

The statement made by Procopio went on to refute a media report Monday night which said Paicos was "involved" in an allegation of statutory rape several years ago while he was employed by a local police department in southeastern Massachusetts.

Procopio said he was never charged or accused of rape.

"The State Police conduct intensive background checks of all potential hires, and Trooper Paicos was no exception," Procopio said.

Procopio said Paicos will be on desk duty and without a weapon or a cruiser during the duration of the investigation.


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