Bielat Visits Simpson Spring, Talks Issues With Easton Residents

The candidate for the fourth congressional district was in Easton Tuesday.

When it comes to boosting the economy and jump-starting small businesses in the area, Congressional candidate Sean Bielat supports a "hands-off" approach that allows businesses to control their own money while making business more predictable.

"What we need to do in Washington is make it more predictable - make sure people know what's coming," he said.

Bielat said he believes business owners are refraining from making investments because they are unsure of upcoming tax burdens or regulations. In turn, a lack of action is hurting the economy.

It was a stance he delivered first to owners Chris and Jim Bertarelli during a tour of the facility Tuesday afternoon and then at a town hall forum at Queset on the Pond Tuesday evening.

Bielat's tour of Simpson Spring was led by Chris and Jim's son, Matthew, who took the candidate through the historic building on Washington Street. It included artifacts from the factory's past to the soda-making process of today.

Jim Bertarelli, who, along with his Chris,, emphasized to the Congressional candidate the importance of American-made products. Producing a product locally and independently is an area where the Easton-based company takes a lot of pride.

"This country has to start producing products," Bertarelli said. "We're unique in that sense. We are physically making a product which is so vital in this economy."

Easton Selectman and 11th Plymouth District State Rep Candidate (R-Easton), who introduced Bielat to the Town Hall forum audience, said business experience was an important credential Bielat possesses with his Internet company Oneclickpolitics.com

"The most important thing for me with our next congressman is that he has business experience," Murphy said.

Bielat fielded questions from audience members ranging from the economy, to international relations, to social security.

The candidate emphasized that he would not be afraid to make difficult decisions involving social security, entitlements and the national debt.

"We need to send people to Washington and Beacon Hill who are not afraid to lose the next election based on policy," he said.

Even national defense needed to be considered in curtailing the national debt, he said, emphasizing that reductions should not be made in troops but rather in a what he decribed as a civilian bureaucracy in the military.

Bielat said the role of government should be to push power closer to the people, with state and local officials making more decisions.

"By pushing power down you can get better representation," he said.

He applied his philosophy when he was asked about the , a proposed commuter-rail connecting Boston to Fall River and New Bedford that would run directly through Easton.

"I don't have any dog in the fight as to where the rail should be," he said "That is when you get to the state level."

Bielat didn't hesitate to criticize possible Democratic nominee , saying he is trying to win a seat based solely on a "Kennedy Brand."

"He's not going out and he's not talking issues," Bielat said. "People don't know much about this guy."

Bielat will be on a Republican primary ballot with Elizabeth Childs and David Steinhof. On the Democratic side, Kennedy is taking on Rachel Brown and Herb Robinson.

Candidates on the Republican side will debate at the Bristol Community College Attleboro campus on Aug. 13. Both parties will participate in a forum at Stonehill College in Easton on Aug. 14.

Janet Sroczynski August 08, 2012 at 01:49 PM
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DirtDogg August 08, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Sean has "No dog" in the fight for South Coast Rail. Newsflash Sean, Fall River and other towns on the South Coast are in your district and the railway will have an affect on your possible constituents. You're either for it or against it. Then again, he probably doesn't know where the South Coast and Fall River are considering he didn't even show up to our debate down here.
TANSTAF1 August 08, 2012 at 05:50 PM
DirtDogg, you either have a reading comprehension problem or like a liberal Democrat you select a portion of a quote so as to change it's meaning. The entire quote was: ""I don't have any dog in the fight as to where the rail should be," he said "That is when you get to the state level." What that means if you don't know is that Sean is for local people deciding the exact route. If Sean were a liberal Democrat he would be shoving the route down the locals throat that would benefit those would would contribute big bucks to him and to his corrupt politician bosses rather than serve the people and all businesses.. The so-called debate was not a debate. The questions were given to the candidates in advance so they could prepare their infomercials.
Sinclair August 08, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Reading comprehension problem?? Maybe if Sean spoke clear English rather than try to sound cool with his own inspeak, he would be better understood. But then, he has a reason. He's running for a federal position (Congress). He said he "doesn't have any dog in the fight as to where the rail should be. That is when you get to the STATE level" and Tanstaf1 brilliant translation says "Sean is for local people deciding the exact route." I recall the STATE decided the exact route and not "local people". Wake up! He's being evasive on a hot issue within his district.
Short and Sweet August 08, 2012 at 08:19 PM
Here are the choices. Sean Bielat-- a viable conservative candidate that did better then anyone else against Barney Frank since 1982. Elizabeth Childs-- Liberal Democrat that no one ever heard of except for the fact that she's a Liberal Democrat posing as a Republican. David Steinhof-- another guy no one never heard of and the big political credentials he's running on? "I've lived in the district all my life, vote for me!" And on the Democrat side we've got a redheaded male version of Elizabeth Childs who is running on his family name. So unless we want another Kennedy in Congress, Bielat is the best choice. He's conservative. He can win, He's real and is actually talking about the issues, while others either create distractions in order to get their names in the news, and still others are still crying about a 2010 primary loss by guy who got 25% of the vote against Frank in 2008.


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