Board of Health Mosquito Borne Illness Advisory

Board of Health issues an updated advisory.

Below is an updated advisory from the Board of Health regarding mosquito-born illness:

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Easton remains at the Critical Level as per DPH. There continues to be a Critical Threat of EEE and West Nile Virus to the human population in the Town of Easton. Documentation from the state shows that although the two rounds of aerial spraying was somewhat effective in reducing the overall number of mosquitoes in the environment, trapping and testing that has been done since the spraying, continues to show the persistence of mammal biting EEE and West Nile positive mosquitoes.

Considering all the factors, including continued test results, the Easton Board of Health continues to encourage that all activities be curtailed in the evening based upon the State Cancellation of Activities Calendar which is posted on the Easton Board of Health website. We also encourage residents that may be out during the early morning hours to take the same precautions. Parents of children that are at the morning bus stop, or walk to school, should be mindful that this is also a period of high mosquito activity. Long sleeves and bug spray should be worn and if at all possible, children should stay inside a car or a home as long as possible. The Easton Board of Health strongly recommends that you and your organization be mindful of the continued risk of this potentially deadly illness and adjust your activates and personal habits as needed.

Please refer to the Easton BOH website for an updated Recommended Cancellations Times for Outdoor Activities as provided by the State. Thank You

JF September 11, 2012 at 04:09 PM
So when would the board of health start using their magic curfew powers? If it's so bad out there now, which it isn't, why aren't we ordered to stay in our houses? The truth is, that anvil stuff they have carpet bombed us with twice is far more dangerous to our health than a chance encounter with a mosquito. Go ahead and google "pesticide anvil dangers" or look at the msds.


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