Depot Street Improvements Could Be Around Corner

Plans are in the works to improve Depot Street from Newell Circle to Route 138.


With construction wrapping up at Five Corners and , Easton DPW Director David Field is putting together plans for another roadway project on Depot Street that would connect Newell Circle to Route 138.

The project, which would include bike paths, sidewalks and new turning lanes along Route 123 was originally slated as a State Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) in 1995, but was deactivated due to lack of advancement, Field told Selectmen earlier this month.

Field was able to put the project back on the state's radar earlier this year, though, when he submitted a Project Notification Form in January and met with Department of Transportation officials in January.

Selectmen agreed to support the project, and Field hopes to begin the design process soon.

Having the project designed in advance could expedite the process at the state, Field said. He said a rough time frame is five years, but a project could "move up on the list" if the town takes prior initiatives.

"The key is getting it designed, moving it through the process and being ready," he said.

The design process would be paid for by the town with Chapter 90 funding (state provided funds for roadway improvements). Public hearings would be held to solicit community input, Field said.

Following a design, the town would work with the state to secure funding for the 10,000 feet of road improvements, estimated to cost approximately $4,950,000, according to Field.

The project would include 11' lane widths, 4'-6' shoulders/bike lanes, 5' sidewalks with 3' grass strips where possible, 6' sidewalks where grass strips are not possible and new turning lanes.




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