Disturbances at Ho-Yon, El Mariachi Put Easton Town Officials on Alert

A Stonehill College crowd at Ho-Yon and El Mariachi has resulted in a number of disturbances on Thursday nights recently, Easton Police Chief says.

have had their hands full at and restaurants on Washington Street recently, Police Chief Allen Krajcik told selectmen Tuesday night.

A number of disturbances have occurred at the two establishments since they have become "very popular with students" on Thursday nights, he said.

Last Friday morning, shortly after midnight, police were called after a fight in Ho Yon that resulted in a broken window and the assault of a 20-year-old female, Krajcik explained.

He said the incident was one of a slew of problems resulting at the two restaurants on Thursday nights and early Friday mornings.

"This past weekend, it just became so apparent that there is a serious problem there that I asked that the board address the situation," he said.

Ho Yon owner Hue Vuong and El Mariachi owner Jose Lopez appeared before the board with Krajcik. Both said they intended to hire detail officers on Thursday nights.

"They voluntarily agreed to have detail officers there every Thursday night until they get the situation under control," Krajcik said.

Vuong and Lopez also said they intended to turn away underage guests after the kitchen closes at 10 p.m.

"We have to figure out how we can control these kids," Lopez said.

Krajcik said that overcrowding was also a problem. When his officers arrived last Thursday, crowds had gathered in the parking lot and his officers reported that both restaurants "appeared to be overcrowded."

Capacity at Ho Yon is 50 people and capacity at El Mariachi is 102.

Selectmen chairman Colleen Corona said that another incident could result in sanctions for both establishments, which are required to maintain control of the establishment and control crowds.

"If there continues to be a problem, then there would have to be a hearing where you would come in and face a penalty, if you’re not maintaining control of your restaurant," she said.

Krajcik said he had met with police personnel at Stonehill and Corona said she had spoken with Stonehill's Vice President for Advancement Francis Dillon, who acts as a liaison for the town and the college.

Krajcik said his officers will continue to monitor the restaurants closely on weekend night, as well.

"It's just become a very dangerous situation," he said.


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