Easton Eligible for Funding to Improve Depot Street

Efforts to improve Depot Street recently hit a milestone

Easton officials recently hit a milestone in their efforts to improve infrastructure on Depot Street, Town Administrator David Colton told Selectmen last week.

According to Colton, the town was deemed "eligible" for a project from Newell Circle to Route 138.

"We have received from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation approval of the eligibility of the project," he said. "So, this means the project is eligible for Federal Highway Funding in the amount of $5 million. It’s an important step in the process."

The Town is currently in the process of designing the project with the use of Chapter 90 Funding.

"We need to continue with the design and as long as Federal Highway Funding is available, the project will get funded," Colton said.

While the Town is responsible for submitting design work, the State constructs the project with Federal money, Colton said.

The project, which would include bike paths, sidewalks and new turning lanes along Route 123 was originally slated as a State Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) in 1995, but was deactivated due to lack of advancement.

The project has been back on the state's radar since Department of Public Works Director David Field submitted Project Notification Form in January and met with Department of Transportation officials.

Field told Selectmen last summer that the estimated cost would be $4,950,000, meaning $5 million in Federal Funding should pay for construction.


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