Easton Health Officials Discuss EEE Threat, Proposed Regulation

Most town organizations are already taking precautions to avoid mosquitoes, officials say.


Easton health officials said Monday night that a number of factors would play into a decision to enact any type of nighttime activities ban in Easton.

The Board of Health that would give it the ability to enact Orders to protect the public from threats of mosquito-borne illnesses. Even with the passage of the regulation, though, officials stressed that a nighttime activities ban is not definite.

Health Agent Kristen Kennedy said the regulation would act as a "tool in the toolkit" should there be an imminent risk of public health and safety from mosquito borne illness.

"We may never use this regulation," said Board of Health Member Gil Heino.

Board of Health Chair Jennifer Nichols said should the regulation pass, the decision to impose a nighttime ban would be based on the severity of the situation at the time. While the state has currently labeled Easton at a "critical" risk for EEE, the town could be in a different situation in two weeks.

"If the regulation passes we’re going to reassess the situation," said Board of Health member Scott Aronson.

Health Agent Mark Taylor also said any type of ban, should one be enacted, would be for public places like parks or schools and not private residences.

"We’re not going to go into a backyard barbeque and tell them to go inside," he said.

A occurred Monday, Aug. 13. Taylor said the state will likely update the public of EEE or West-Nile positive findings early this week. The update will paint a clearer picture of the spraying's effectiveness.

Officials also acknowledged that organizations in town are already taking it upon themselves to stay protected from mosquito-borne illness. Kennedy said most groups have ended outdoor activities before nightfall and complied with a state-issued calendar depiticting nightfall times provided last month.

"If nothing else, this is really making people think," she said.

"If everyone is in compliance on that list, then we’ve accomplished the goal, which is maximum protection," added Nichols. "We’re following the state's lead on this and I think we’ve been in lockstep with their recommendations."

Nichols also said that in addition to analyzing data found from mosquito sampling and consideration of current procedures from organizations and groups, the Board should listen to feedback from the public.

"I do feel strongly that we need to listen to what people are saying," she said. "I feel we would not be doing our jobs at all if we just blindly went ahead with something."

The Public Hearing in regards to the proposed regulation is on Sept. 4 at 6 p.m. in the Selectmen's meeting room at . For a look at the proposed regulation and a list of nightfall times, click on the attached .pdfs.

JF August 23, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Raynham civic leader dies from EEE September 06, 2011 That was a year ago! More people have been killed by every other cause than this. Really, nobody has died in the last year from WNV or EEE. When was the last case of WNV?
JF August 23, 2012 at 02:58 PM
*Health Agent Kristen Kennedy said the regulation would act as a "tool in the toolkit" should there be an imminent risk of public health and safety from mosquito borne illness.* So this "tool" would be used under what circumstances??? They wont say what the minimum condition to "activate" this martial law in Easton is? What would possibly justify forcing everyone in Easton to stay inside their homes or be fined $1000 a day? What happens if we dont pay this fine? jail? Isnt prison more dangerous than a mosquito? Really now... *"We may never use this regulation," said Board of Health Member Gil Heino.* ya, but if there is suddenly an invasion of millions of EEE mosquitoes for some reason in Easton they will be able to use this?? What exactly are they concerned is going to happen? Certainly not EEE or WNV which like 2 people have got in the last 5 years!?!?!
Janet Sroczynski August 23, 2012 at 03:41 PM
@JF - Read under "Martial Law and Curfews" -google a search, and apply Black's Law Dictionary, to get you/others started reading. Or visit: 1) http://www.bc.edu -Law School or 2) http://www.harvard.edu -Law School/Law Library. Again, this is another "Over-Reach" by the current administration. Time to vote them out of office! Or they could voluntarily turn in their Resignations. That would be a good, wise start for quite a few of them. Current Population of Easton is over 23,000 people. And a few "out-of-towners" who: 1) Do not live in Easton 2) Do not vote in Easton 3) Do not pay taxes in Easton 4) Do not have children in the school(s) in Easton 5) Are trying to "run" Easton. And we in Easton, are: 1) Paying their Salaries in Easton 2) Paying for their Pensions in Easton 3) Paying our Taxes in Easton 4) Have children going to school(s) in Easton 5) "We The People" - need to continue to run Easton.
JF August 23, 2012 at 03:44 PM
This is the stuff they just sprayed the whole town of easton with ... twice now: http://thyroid.about.com/library/weekly/aa072600a.htm Pesticides Targeting West Nile-Carrying Mosquitos May be a Thyroid Danger Widespread Spraying Taking Place in New York City and Boston another link: http://www.flcv.com/AnvilTox.html Study of Insecticide Neurotoxicity Yields Clues to Onset of Parkinson's Disease: http://www.mdpestnet.org/Pyrethroid_studies.htm
Jim C August 23, 2012 at 03:54 PM
Dear Mr. Scott Aronson , I'm under the assumption that some of the recent "over the top" bans (this and outdoor smoking ban...and I'm no smoker) have been driven by the recently re-elected Board of Health Chair - Jennifer Nichols (April 2012...term expires 2015). However, since you are the next Board of Health term that expires (in 2013), I'd like to plead to you to please reconsider going forward with this regulation. The Board of Health should stick to issuing notices, notifications and alerts on EEE. People are aware of EEE and taking reasonable precautions. I promise, that this continues to go forward, I will do everything that I can to make sure the Easton Voters are aware of this "power grab" by the Board of Health when your term expires (in 2013). What you are trying to do is unreasonable and un-American.


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