Easton Police Chief Looks For Change in Town Soliciting Bylaw

Police Chief Allen Krajcik hopes to limit door-to-door solicitors to daylight hours.

The Easton Police Chief will be looking to change the town's solicitor bylaw at this year's Annual Town Meeting.

In an email to press Tuesday, Police Chief Allen Krajcik said he will be submitting an article to this year's Town Meeting Warrant calling for door-to-door solicitation hours to occurr between 9 a.m. and dusk. Currently, door-to-door solicitors are allowed to conduct business in Easton from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

"Often I have received complaints from residents regarding the late hour that they receive a knock on their door from someone trying to sell a product," Krajcik said. "The original Peddling and Soliciting bylaw was adopted in 1922.  I am requesting that the bylaw be changed at the Annual Town Meeting to limit the hours of solicitation to only daylight hours (9am to dusk).  Most residents are not aware that peddlers and solicitors do not need a permit from the Police, they only have to register and as long as they pay the $25 fee and meet other minimum criteria, they are allowed to go door to door until 9 p.m.  This change would also make it safer for the solicitors who often are walking door to door in the dark."

Warrant Articles are due to Town Offices by March 22.

This year's Annual Town Meeting is scheduled for May 20.


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