Romney Wins Shovel Town in Landslide

13 percent of active voters turned out in Easton on Super Tuesday

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney overwhelmingly won the Town of Easton in Tuesday's Republican presidential primary with 1,268 votes. Capturing the Shovel Town helped him win Massachusetts.

In total, 1,912 people voted at in Easton Tuesday. The tally is 13 percent of active voters, Town Clerk Jeremy Gillis reported Tuesday night.

Romney beat out Rick Santorum, who came in second for Easton voters with a total of 160 votes. Ron Paul had 115 votes and New Gingrich had 76 total votes.

In the Democratic Primaries, unopposed incumbent President Barack Obama tallied 195 Easton votes, and 45 voted "no preference".

All Easton precincts voted for Romney. 189 total people voted in Precinct One; 374 people voted in Precinct 2; 263 people voted in Precinct Three; 424 people voted in Precinct 4; 362 people voted in Precinct 5; and 300 people in Precinct 6.


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