Town of Easton Under State of Emergency

A declaration was made by the Board of Selectmen Friday morning.

The Town of Easton is officially under a state of emergency.

Selectmen made the determination during an emergency meeting at 11:30 Friday morning as the Blizzard of 2013 rolled in. The action takes effect beginning at noon.

"We want to reinforce the message to keep cars off the road," Town Administrator David Colton said. "This declaration of emergency gives police greater authority to tow if cars are blocking the road."

The state of emergency was declared under the advice of Governor Deval Patrick, who urged municipalities in the commonwealth to take the action. The declaration also allows the town to secure FEMA money, should that be necessary.

Board of Selectmen Chair Colleen Corona said she met with Easton's Emergency Management team, consisting of the fire chief, police chief and DPW director Thursday.

She said the Board of Selectmen chair is the chief information officer during an emergency.

"We’re coordinating with fire, DPW,  and police chief to make sure we get information to the public as we’re required to do," she said.

She said the town will constantly be updating the its twitter and facebook feeds. DPW Director David Field, Police Chief Allen Krajcik and Fire Chief Kevin Partridge all have access to the town's facebook page and will report important information.

Should residents need to reach emergency officials via telephone, the town is asking them to use 508-230-3311. In the matter of an emergency, residents should dial 911.

Below is the Board of Selectmen's Full Declaration of Emergency:

WHEREAS, the occurrence of Winter Storm Nemo and its subsequent circumstances demanding public action has arisen within Easton, Massachusetts; and

WHEREAS, The Chairman of the Board of Selectmen of Easton, Massachusetts, upon advice from the Director of the Community Emergency Management Director, have determined that the incident poses a present, reasonable and imminent danger to public health, safety, or general welfare of the people of the Town of Easton or their property so that it has become necessary for the Director to utilize and coordinate the services, equipment, supplies, and facilities of existing departments, offices, and agencies or the community for the purposes of emergency management and emergency functions; and

WHEREAS, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has determined that the immediate public action is needed to prevent, minimize, or mitigate damage from Winter Storm Nemo, to public health, safety, or general welfare of the people of Easton or the property which may otherwise result from the above described incident and that taking the time required to comply with the various state and local procurement laws would endanger the health or safety of the people or their property; and

WHEREAS, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has recommended that a State of Emergency be declared in the community of Easton, and

WHEREAS, the people of the community of Easton should be able to depend upon guidance from their Chief Municipal Official,

NOW THEREFORE, I, Colleen Corona, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen of the community of Easton, Massachusetts, hereby declare that as of 12:00pm, February 8 , 2013 a State of Emergency exists in the community of Easton. This Declaration of Emergency shall remain in effect until notice is given, pursuant to my judgment, that the State of Emergency no longer exists.


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