Walpole TA Boynton Urges Residents to 'Take This Storm Very Seriously'

In a letter on the Town's website, Walpole Town Administrator Michael Boynton talked about the town's preparation for Hurricane Sandy.

Dear Walpole Resident:

With the possibility looming that our area will be impacted by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy early next week, please be assured that the Town of Walpole is already well involved with preparation efforts. Our Emergency Team members met early yesterday and have commenced with an extensive list of tasks to make ready for Sandy's possible arrival. Again, the storm is still at least three to four days away, and in fact an exact track has yet to be determined. However, we urge all residents and business owners to take this storm very seriously and prepare now for possible impacts. Waiting until the storm arrives to prepare is not advised.

We are being advised by State officials (MEMA) to prepare for the possibility of strong winds and very heavy rain. With the two large storms of last year fresh in our memory, it is prudent to prepare for power outages, wind damage, and flooding conditions. Town staff are currently implementing a number procedures to address these dangers, such as testing generators, clearing catch basins and drains, and preparing for possible shelter operations. That said, we wish to offer the following suggestions for residents & businesses to consider in the coming days:

1) Please check all catch basins in your immediate area and remove all leaves & debris. DPW crews will be working their way through Town addressing this task, however residents are urged to assist us and in so doing help to prevent possible flooding near your home. Debris should be moved as far from the storm drain as possible to prevent a "re-clog".

2) Closely monitor local media and national weather services over the next several days. This will allow everyone to stay ahead of the storm and best prepare for any local arrival.

3) Visit the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) website (www.mass.gov/MEMA) for helpful storm preparation tips.

4) Stay up to date with Walpole "news" through our Town website (www.walpole-ma.gov) as well as the Walpole Recreation Page on Facebook.

5) Be sure to register all cell-phones for local telephone alerts from Walpole officials. Please visit our website (www.walpole-ma.gov/Swift911.htm) for more information.

As the track of the storm becomes more defined, we will provide added updates and information for the Community. In the interim, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your assistance!

Very truly yours, Michael E. Boynton, Town Administrator


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