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What's the Status of the Main Street Revitalization Project?

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
Easton Department of Public Works Director David Field addressed questions about the Main Street Revitalization project at Monday's Board of Selectmen Meeting--when will the project be finished and how wide is the street now?

"The Main Street Project is substantially complete," said Field. "The ornamental lights will hopefully be activated in the middle of December. The pathway and parking lot portion has been suspended for the winter and will resume in the spring."

As far as the width question, "yes and no," he said, explaining that most of the road was 38-feet wide before and after the construction. The only difference is that in some areas, there are "bump outs" in some areas for crosswalks, meant to increase safety and draw greater visibility to pedestrians. 

In those areas, the road width goes down to 26 feet, Field said the bump outs "don't take up the road travel lanes, just parking."

mgadless December 09, 2013 at 07:32 AM
Why is there not any conversation or status update regarding the horrendous patching job done by Revoli in the road before Mechanic St. coming from the pond ? This stretch is the gateway to the new downtown work and it is a butcher job. I live on Lincoln st. And drive this road every day. It would not surprise me at all if resurfacing this area was not included in the sewer project. Nice entry to a $1.9m project.
richard selvitella December 09, 2013 at 08:42 AM
I agree with comment above, however, I don't believe it is just Revoli that is responsible for the horrible "patch up job" on Mechanic Street and surrounding areas. The Town should be ashamed how they have left us residents with...........I have called several times on our street to both the DPW, and the Town of Easton for some answers on fixing the road and sidewalks on Mechanic since we are one of the "89" Upset Owners who are being affected by the $20,000 Betterment Fee for something we "Did Not" ask for. The only street that is going to look nice when all said and done is "Main Street". very shameful.......we should be "re-imbursed" instead of being charged for all the inconvenience's we have endured this summer/fall and will continue to do so next spring......Why is it only "Us" being charged in Easton?????? just not fair...


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