Challenge of School Committee Member's Residency Refiled

The document submitted by school district parent Jennifer Crowder says Committee member David Murphy was not a resident of Attleboro during the 2011 election. Murphy says the complaint "is riddled with inaccuracies and lies."

School district parent Jennifer Crowder has not backed down from her mission to invalidate David Murphy's November 2011 election to the Attleboro School Committee.  that she had not filed a proper challenge, Crowder on Monday submitted a new document to the Election's Department at .

The revised document, which is attached to this article, contains legal language and is typed, looking significantly different from the previous handwritten submittal. In the complaint, Crowder alleges Murphy did not meet the residency requirements to run for school committee last year because he lived in Boston.

Among the features that she claims proves he was not an Attleboro resident is that a clerk at the Registry of Motor Vehicles told her in May of this year that Murphy's drivers license and car registration were not assigned to an Attleboro address. She wrote that he also maintained a Boston residence parking permit until May of this year.

"I respectfully request that the city of Attleboro Elections Commission investigate Mr. Murphy's voter registration at the time of his registration to run for the Attleboro School Committee and determine that he was not eligible to be nominated nor elected in November of 2011," Crowder wrote.

The commission voted unanimously last week to reject Crowder's original complaint because it was not sworn and did not contain specific reasons why she believed Murphy was a Boston resident. The new complaint is sworn, but Murphy says Crowder will not be successful in her latest attempt.

"Ms. Crowder's complaint, which is her third attempt at raising this issue, will fail just like her first two attempts," wrote Murphy in an email to Attleboro Patch, referring to her complaint rejected last week and one that was filed last year with the state Ethics Commission. "The sworn statement she has provided to the Election Commission is riddled with inaccuracies and lies. Ms. Crowder's dishonest and politically motivated assertions will prove to be a sad waste of her time and the city's resources."

Murphy, who grew up in Attleboro and graduated from , publicly stated during the 2011 campaign that he rented an apartment in Boston, where he works as an attorney. But he said his permanent address was at a house located at 49 Pioneer Circle in Attleboro. He also rented an apartment in Attleboro. Murphy wrote in a statement last week that he no longer rents the Boston apartment.

Editor's Note: The PDF of the complaint was replaced with a different version on 7/26/12. The updated version contains a page (page 36, marked as evidence no. 9) that was not in the previous version. The version currently attached came from the office of the city Election's Department.

Pietro Fiamma July 18, 2012 at 11:20 AM
I am just curious, could you please spicifically state why this ONE SC member is your singular focus? In previous articles you state that your son goes to Willett, why are you not calling Chris O'Neil on the carpet too? He is virtually MUTE on the SC and Willett is his ward. How about hiring an advocate for your child? That helped motivate the school to get my child what she needed and more. I think that you may need to simplify your focus on to what is paramount: YOUR CHILD.
Rob Geddes July 18, 2012 at 12:54 PM
Deb, I cannot remember bringing up Ms. Enegren's residence at any point. I have commented on her in regards to the School Committee's relationship with the Superintendent, but not on her residency. She has a second house in Florida- good for her. I wish I could have a second home somewhere. If her attendance at meetings is low because of time spent at a second home, then the two topics cannot be completely separated from each other. As far as producing proof of residency, Mr. Murphy has not been required by law to do so. He has made the decision not to do so. That is his choice. If he is required by law to prove that he lives in Attleboro, then what? I still have not seen anyone answer any of my questions regarding what he has done- other than have a second residence- to demonstrate a lack of caring for or interest in our schools. At the end of the day, both of these people were elected by their respective constituencies with the residency issues as public knowledge and discussed in the media and commented on by voters. Both have people that feel they have done a good job. Again, my overall point in this has been that the Committee on the whole needs to stop finding themselves in positions where they need to defend themselves. Maybe part of this is in their own decision making. Maybe part of it is us letting them do the jobs we elected them to do.
Rob Geddes July 18, 2012 at 01:05 PM
C, Please read all of my comments thoroughly. I have said repeatedly that how a School Committee acts and sets themselves up to be portrayed should have nothing to do with who does and does not like the Superintendent. In an ideal world, we would have no clue about how someone on the Committee feels about Dr. Durkin or any other administrator because they would conduct themselves very objectively. And, as far as I know, I do not know you personally and cannot begin to describe your relationship with any person. I ask that you extend the same courtesy to me. If your definition of being "friends with" someone is spending a year in high school with them and then not seeing or commuicating with them for 14 years, then yes Dave and I are friends. If you are hearing otherwise, then you have an unreliable source.
D Sanderson July 18, 2012 at 08:44 PM
This whole nonsense about the SC not acting appropriately is hogwash. They aren't screaming at each other at meetings or jumping across the table to defend their views (either pro or con for the Superintendent). They're acting like a governing body should. Disagreeing (respectfully) to find the best solution to the issues. If we had a SC who always agreed and did always agree, we would not have the best education for the children of Attleboro. I for one do not want to see a SC kissing and hugging and saying. I am wrong, you are right, I am sorry, let's just stop disagreeing and do whatever the Administration wants. This committee is doing what it should, it's bringing all views to the table. This media frenzy by Murphy has to stop. The chairman of the committee should be the one putting explanations in the media, not Mr. Murphy. He is publically trying to call out certain committee members and this is the only thing I see disturbing about how the SC members are acting. People who like certain members are saying they're doing a great job and others who don't like them are saying that they're vindictive and are there to embarrass the Superintendent. I don't see this at all. If these childish comments by Murphy were to stop being put out in the press, this would all stop. The residency thing though is tough to deny, there's alot of evidence against him. But, this is Attleboro and Crowder won't get a fair hearing because Murphy knows commission members, they will let it slide.
Jerry Chase July 22, 2012 at 09:12 PM
D. Sanderson makes more sense here than any other commentary I have read on this subject.


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