Easton School Committee Approves Interim Concussion Policy

Students and Parents in Grades 6-12 will undergo concussion training.


The Easton School Committee unanimously approved an interim concussion policy last week that would require all student athletes in grades 6 through 12 and their parents to undergo training before participating in sports or marching band competitions.

Easton submitted the interim policy to the state, which required a policy to be in place by January. Superintendent Michael Green said the it was a "boiler plate policy" that many districts have been using.

A final plan will be worked on and handed in by March, he said.

Green said many of the policies passed in the interim policy were already in place for the Easton school district.

"They’re required to do it now and they have been doing it," he said. "Much of this we have had in place for a while."

Under the policy, students and parents will undergo online training, which will be effective for three years at a time. Coaches, volunteers, marching band directors, and trainers will undergo training as well.

The policy puts an emphasis on recognizing and reporting concussions, with the athletic director keeping records of all prior head injuries.

"It’s important to have something in place," Green said.

To view the current interim policy, click on the attached .pdf.


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