Easton School Officials Analyze MCAS Scores

While scores were good, officials agree that they could always be improved.


Easton School Officials agreed last week that while the district's MCAS scores are positive, there is still room for improvement.

"Scores throughout the district are consistent with last year and well above state averages in most cases," Easton Superintendent Michael Green told the School Committee last week. "Administrators are working with faculty to analyze the results."

Assistant Superintendent Cathy MacLeod said educators need to focus on two areas in particular: moving more students from the "proficient" to the "advanced" cateorgy, and decreasing students who fall into the "needs improvement" or "warning" cateogry.

"We ‘re doing well," she said. "We're continuing to do well, but our numbers in advanced and our numbers in proficient are pretty much stagnant over the last few years. We need to get more kids in advanced."

Improving student learning will help improve scores, MacLeod said, reitterating that professional development will not be specifically geared towards the test.

She said the district needs to look at "item analysis" in the test results to understand where curriculum updates are necessary.

"Our professional development is not about improving MCAS scores," she said. "That’s not what we’re about. We’re about improving student learning that will then improve MCAS scores."

For a full look at Easton's MCAS scores, click here.


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