FEEE Provides More Than Technology

Easton's "One Story, One School," funded by FEEE, was discussed last week.

Since 1989, the Foundation for Excellence in Education in Easton has always been at the forefront of technology, staying ahead of the curve and raising money to keep equipment up-to-date in a constantly changing tech world.

Interactive white boards have been added to classrooms, wireless access has been granted to many areas in the school district, and laptop libraries have been provided.

But, FEEE is about much more than technology.

"The foundation is primarily concerned with purchasing technology throughout the school district," FEEE President Ed Sharkansky said. "However, we do allow for a smaller allotment of money for what we call grant applications which are intended for more creative programs within the classroom that will enhance the curriculum."

One such program, Easton's "One Story, One School" program, has been met with a positive reaction, Sharkansky said. Teachers and principals from , and schools updated FEEE on it's progress last week.

Through the program, each student in the school reads and discusses the same book. Students break into smaller "book clubs" comprised of kindergartners, first graders and second graders.

"It’s really integrated into the entire curriculum of the school during the time that the books are read," Sharkansky said." In addition, the books are sent home for the parents to read. Obviously a lot of these kids aren’t readers yet."

This past year, Moreau Hall read Flat Stanley.  Parkview School read "The World According to Humphrey" and Center School read "The Chocolate Touch". While next year's reading selections have yet to be decided, FEEE has already agreed to fund the third and final cycle of the program.

"There are three grades in that school, so they need three books and then they can start over again because there is a whole new population of students," Sharkansky said.

The continuation of the "One Story, One School" program is just one of the programs FEEE plans to fund in the 2012-2013 school year.

Next year at Parkview, FEEE will fund an organic garden at the school. The garden will help integrate green education into the school.

At Olmsted, a program called the "Art of Interpretation" will be funded by FEEE in which students will visit the Museum of Fine Arts and mimic well-known portraits. The end result will be a gallery throughout the school.

Occupational therapy will be funded throughout the school district, as well.

In all, FEEE has allotted over $12 thousand in grants. As true to the foundation's reputation, technology will be funded as well.

Software purchases for digital handwriting will supplement interactive white boards already provided to the schools. The Easton Middle School and Oliver Ames High School will receive FEEE grants for their programs. And, an E-Book library will be added to the schools, which allows students to check-out books online.

The majority of FEEE's money is raised through it's dinner dance. This past year, the dinner dance . For more information on FEEE, click here.


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