Image Gallery: OA Drama Club to Present "13 Past Midnight"

The Oliver Ames Drama Club will present 13 Past Midnight Friday and Saturday Nights.


Pictures taken during Drama Club dress rehearsal.

The Drama Club will present "13 Past Midnight" Friday night at Saturday night, 7 p.m. at the Oliver Ames High School auditorium.

"13 Past Midnight", written by Billy st. John, is about a murder mystery party gone terribly wrong when someone is actually murdered. When it is determined that only those in attendance could have been the culprits, Private Investigator Pete Griffin, along with the others, try to solve the crime.

OA's version of the play stars Brandan Griffin as Pete Griffin, Gen Lamont as Brenda Moss, Jared Wise as Victor Winslow, Emily Herschlag as Lila Lamont, Keara Benton as Toni Crawford, Morgan Capodilupo as Eve Fulton, Joe Burke as Durwood, Maryanne Coughlin as Skyler Trent, Samantha Foote as Kathryne Winslow, Marjorie Partridge as Louise Burke, Erica Osiecki as Zara Dare, Shannon Pender as Geri Anderson, Robert Capodilupo as Chad Martin, Sabrina Foote as Allison Trent, Sarah Harney as Maureen O'Malley, Makayla Leite as Talbert Worthington.

The play is directed by Peggy Wentworth. The Assistant Director is Connie Buntin. The Lighting and Sound Technician is Mike Cardoza with help from the Oliver Ames Tech Crew. Olivia Roberts is the costume seamstress. Katie Kudcey is the costuming assistant. The stage crew is Julia Kunemund and Gillian Sheehan and Cathy Harp did the program design.


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