Mansfield's Jordan-Jackson Principal Explains Concert Change

Mansfield Elementary School Winter Concert's schedule change sparks debate.


This week, Mansfield became part of the “War on Christmas” debate.

At the recent Mansfield school committee meeting, the matter of changing the winter chorus concert was discussed. It was changed from December and moved to January.

According to Jordan Jackson Elementary School principal Teresa Murphy, the concert was changed for various reasons and had been discussed in the school since last spring.

Those reasons, according to Murphy, included scheduling, a new chorus director and a few complaints over the years from Mansfield residents regarding the content of the pageant.

“Our choral instructors direct a thriving program and teach 200 children over the course of the week during six different recess periods,” she stated in a press release.  “A performance in January provides enough time for our choral directors to prepare the children; this is beneficial and puts less pressure on all involved.”

Murphy said that feedback is one of the major drivers behind decisions made at the school. 

“We listen to our faculty and staff, our students and their families and value everyone’s feedback,” Murphy said. “We make education decisions based on what is in the best interests of our students and they are not dictated by public opinion.”

Mansfield has a large tradition regarding the winter holiday season. This month, the high school and the St. Mary's School hosted concerts and downtown was shutdown for the parade.

Attached is a PDF showing the recent Mansfield High School winter concert.


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