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Mazzola to Take Over as Principal for Both Olmsted and Richardson for 2012-2013 School Year

Frank Rich will act as interim assistant principal under Mazzola. Michael Ciliberto was named as the interim assistant principal of Easton Middle School

principal Dr. Gary Mazzola will be taking on a heavier workload in the fall.

When current Principal Donna Tobin , Mazzola will take over as the principal for both schools.

Frank Rich, who had been a 6th grade teacher in the System for nine years before going on leave, will work with Mazzola as the interim assistant principal.

Currently, under Mazzola and Tobin, neither school has an assistant principal.

Rich has a masters degree in curriculum instruction and an advanced graduate degree in educational leadership, Superintendent Dr. Michael Green said.

"Our plan is to replace Donna Tobin by having Dr. Mazzola as the principal of both Olmsted and Richardson for the 2012-2013 school year," Green told Patch Friday. "Last night, we appointed Mr. Rich as the interim assistant principal to provide the assistance needed for parents and staff. He’ll be able to compliment and work with Dr. Mazzola."

While Olmsted and Richardson will share a principal and assistant principal for the next year, they will still operate as two separate entities, Green said. He said a plan is not yet in place for beyond the 2012-2013 school year.

"We’re just looking at the 2012-13 year right now," Green said.

Green sent a letter home to the parents of Richardson and Olmsted students on Thursday.

"As you may know, Dr. Mazzola has enjoyed many years of successful school leadership in Easton and I am confident that he will provide the consistency, support and experience needed," the letter read. "The decision will allow us to continue the many initiatives taking place at these schools."

Mazzola, who appeared before the Easton School Committee Thursday night to deliver Olmsted's School Improvement Plan, said he and his staff were "excited about the possibilities."

Mazzola singled out School Committee Member Caroline O'Neill, who was a member when he was originally hired as Olmsted's principal 13 years ago.

"I thank you for believing in me then and I thank you for believing in me now," he said. "It's an exciting opportunity and people are excited."

Thursday night, Green and the School Committee also officially appointed Michael Ciliberto as the interim assistant principal at

Ciliberto, who currently serves as a physical education teacher in the Easton Public School system, will work with Interim Principal Luke Carroll, after current principal

Green said Ciliberto has a certificate of advanced graduate study in educational leadership and holds a license in principal-assistant principal Pre-K to 8.

"He’s got some experience in that area," Green said.

Note: An original version of this article said Mazzola was hired eight years ago. He was actually hired 13 years ago. Patch regrets the error.


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