Meeting 'Got out of Hand,' School Committee Chair Says

Chair Mike Tyler plans to speak tonight about "unacceptable" events that occurred at the Monday meeting he did not attend. The vice chair, who ran the Monday meeting, disagrees with his analysis.

Attleboro residents have a chance to find out tonight what was learned through recent focus groups on the search for a school district superintendent. They also may be able to find out what School Committe Chair Mike Tyler believes should and should not happen at committee meetings.

Tyler told Attleboro Patch earlier this week he was bothered by how the meeting on Monday was run in his absence by Vice Chair Brenda Furtado. Among the incidents he did not care for were comments made during open forum by school district parent Jen Crowder that included criticisms of Committee member David Murphy and Superintendent Pia Durkin (look for more information about Crowder's complaint on Patch later this week).

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"The school committee should not be utilized to make personal attacks against members of the administration and the school committee," Tyler said. "What happened during open forum was unacceptable."

He added, "The meeting got out of hand and I will be addressing this on Thursday in more detailed fashion."

Patch told Furtado what Tyler said, and she responded that she had not heard from the chair, and was disappointed he had contacted the media prior to contacting her. She also disagreed with his analysis of how the meeting, including open forum, functioned.

"Open forum is for the community to voice their concerns when their concerns are not being addressed at the school/administration level," wrote Furtado in an email. "[Monday] night's open forum was not used for personal attacks and all open forum guidelines were adhered to." 

Tonight's school committee meeting is scheduled to take place at 8 p.m. in Room 178E of Attleboro High School.

Jen Crowder December 14, 2012 at 02:15 PM
I was trying not to comment on here but I feel the need to clarify some things- First, @reason- The weekly school committee open forum IS for addressing new issues as well as whats on the agenda. Special sessions (such as last night) are for directed purposes. You obviously are someones puppet as you have no concept of how things run. And please sir read before you post- My name is Jen CROWDER not Cerrone. If you are going to try and attack someone, at least direct it at the right person. I am no one's puppet in this abomination of a school system. Yes, I go to Ms. Craw as she understands what I am talking about when it comes to IEPS since she has been through this mess. Ms. Furtado is my ward rep. Once again the schools are in non-compliance with my sons IEP and once again I have to file a complaint. Once again the administration did not respond so once again I have to go to the school committee and the Board of Education. It's called the chain of command. And instead of just emailing them all I went to the meeting because others parents NEED to know. Right now there are 2 schools and soon to be 3 with staffing issues for special ed. I may be the most vocal about the issue but I am far from someones puppet and far from the only one with an issue-
Jen Cerrone December 14, 2012 at 04:57 PM
It is comical that Murphy supporters are turning this around on Parent, Craw & Furtado. Murphy caused this & was caught forming sides against another sc member. His political aspirations have gotten out of hand & he forgets what seat he is holding. All the woman that serve on the sc is highly educated. They hold high level jobs & yes, they have college degrees. A sc should not be made of only educators. A degree does not mark your intelligence. Many self made successes didn't go to college & can run circles around people with master degrees or Phd's. We need parents on the sc so that children & their educations are represented. We need an administration that is willing to work with the sc. I know many teachers & they have reached out to sc members including Craw & Furtado & they're disappointed in Administration. Educators are being represented by these 2 members that Murphy supporters are so quick to attack.
Jen Cerrone December 14, 2012 at 04:57 PM
It makes me chuckle when Sarah states that Craw & Furtado ignored her attempts to reach out. They are 2 of the few that do respond. Ask Ms. Crowder if Mr. Murphy responded to her emails. Ask Willett parents about how Mr. O'Neil ignored them when they reached out to him about their principal. When I asked Ms. Craw & Ms. Furtado about ignoring calls or emails from parents, they both said about the same thing. We return all calls & emails, but people will lie to the media in order to support their candidate & make us look bad. They then said that if anyone wants to contact them, they would be more than happy to hear their concerns - even concerns that apply to this article. So Sarah - give them a call. I will follow up with them to see if you reached out. Please do not post lies on here. Do not make up things to try to vindicate a sc member who got caught showing no concern for the students but for trying to disrupt the committee. Stop dragging good people down to defend someone who has done wrong.
Sarah December 14, 2012 at 06:40 PM
love it. Thank you Jonathan!
Jonathan Friedman December 14, 2012 at 06:56 PM
Eleven of the above commenters are first-time commenters who created their user accounts shortly before posting. All 11 also have blocked their IP addresses (a blocked IP address is not the norm). One can reach his/her own conclusion on what this means. My conclusion is that comments will no longer be accepted for this article.


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