Patch Q&A: Oliver Ames Athletic Director Jim Von Euw

From OA's history and tradiditon to the difficult parts of the job, the OA AD explains.

With fall sports winding to a close, the girls' and the , Patch sat down with the man behind all of OA's athletics.

How did you end up with this job?

When I got out of college at Bridgewater State, I was a phys ed major and I always wanted to coach. Being an athletic director was a part of that. I coached football for 26 years. I coached all over the place but mostly Natick and Westwood – 12 years at Natick and 10 years at Westood. I coached track for 12 years and coached basketball for 21 years.

I was always involved in the coaching part of it, and then the AD part interested me so when I got another degree I got it in educational administration and got certified.

What do you like about working in Easton?

Easton is great sports – boys and girls, it doesn't matter what season it is. We're always successful. We have great kids and we have some great coaches. It's a fantastic place to work.

Our facilities are top in the state right now, too. When I got here we were undergoing renovations and now that we're done, we have some of the best facilities in the state for high schools.

When you see all of the banners in the gym and hear stories about all of OA's successful programs, does that add a little bit of pressure?

The pressure is just to keep it going and we have the athletes. This is my seventh year and we've had four state tournament teams and other teams have knocked on the door. We've done quite well and I definitely feel good about what we've accomplished.

Could you pick out a best moment in your seven years here?

When the girls won their first state basketball championship – the first one in 2007. Being on the Garden floor and being at the Worcester Centrum – that was big time. The amount of people, the crowds we had there for those games were phenomenal. It was just a sea of orange.

What is difficult about this job?

There's a lot of paperwork with the job. There's a lot of the little things like field, officials, things like that. There are some tedious tasks.

But, other than that, it's a great job. I'm paid to watch kids play sports. It can't get too much better than that. That's rewarding. And, especially when our teams are doing well, that's great.

Would you like to leave us with anything else?

We just want to continue the tradition here of excellence - both in boys' and girls' sports. We feel we do it the right way – with class and sportsmanship. That's what we look for.


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