BRS Students Back After Fire Alarm Activation [Updated]

As of noon, the school district is "back to normal," according to the superintendent.

Update, 4:45 p.m.

The following is from Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter, sent as a 3 p.m. K-12 Alert:

Dear Parents and Community Members

Allow me to recap today’s events.  Around mid-morning today, one of the district’s 3 electrical phases stopped delivering power to the district’s schools.  All life safety systems were immediately tested and our back-up systems kicked in.   Classes continued.

Shortly after the power outage, an HVAC unit located in the lower level of BRS behind the Little Theater experienced a burn out.  The fire alarm was activated and the students evacuated the building.  The fire and police departments arrived immediately.   We are told that the burn out was probably caused by the drop in power. 

Staff walked the students over to the Middle School and gathered in the gym and multipurpose room.  The BRS cafeteria staff joined the MS staff to discuss lunch plans. K had already eaten by the time the fire alarm was set. Approximately 15 minutes after 12, the “all clear” for BRS was given by the fire department.  The students, except for grade 1, headed back to BRS. Grade 1 stayed at the MS to enjoy the special lunch that was prepared.  Grades 2, 3 and 4 ate lunch at BRS immediately upon their return to the school.

Within minutes of the BRS all clear, the phase one electrical power to all 3 schools was restored.

I thank our fire and police departments for their immediate response as well as the teachers, staff and students for their professional handling of today’s events.  I also thank our tech staff for their prompt handling of our K-12 Alerts System.   Best, MFA


Update, 12:02 p.m.:

"The Bedford Road School had a HVAC uni-vent unit overheat which caused the evacuation to the Middle School," Superintednet Mary Fox-Alter said in a K-12 Alert. "They are now on there way back to the school after the fire department had addressed the situation and deemed the school safe."

In addition, "There was a major partial power outage that had effected the High School, Middle School and Bedford Road School, the power has been restored and all systems are back online. The school district is now back to normal."


Update, 11:55 a.m.:

In her latest update, Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter shared, "The Bedford Road School has been evacuated to the Middle School because of an electrical problem in the basement closet."

She added, "Everyone is safe and sound!"

More information will be added as it becomes available.


All three public schools in Pleasantville are currently experiencing "a minor power outage," Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter said in a K-12 alert Monday morning.

"The district uses a 3 phase system. One phase is out," she wrote. "All life safety systems are working. We are in contact with Con Ed."

In a second alert, Fox-Alter added, "Dear Parents - the Fire Alarm at BRS was set. not sure if there is a relationship with the Power outage. Will update when more info is known."


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