School Budget Still Faces Many Unknowns, Superintendent Says

A number of factors have yet to be determined for the FY13 School Budget

Easton Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael A. Green had very little new news concerning the school’s budget at the March 1 Easton School Committee meeting.

“We still have a number of factors not yet decided that will directly impact our ability to close or not close our budget gap,” Green said.

One of those factors will be having to deal with the expiring contracts of the school unions. The contracts of all six unions are set to expire either at the end of the school year or in August. Negotiations with the teacher's union for a new agreement to take effect in September are expected to begin later this month.

Despite the uncertainties, Green is optimistic that the budget will begin to take shape soon.

“At this point in time there are still a lot of unanswered questions. There’s still a lot of unknowns but as we move through the process over the next few weeks those answers will become more clear and we’ll be able to more forward with our budget process,” he said.

A budget subcommittee meeting to discuss the issue is planned in the next few weeks.

In addition to the budget issue, Green also spoke of the potential of increasing special education services. The school has been looking to see which special education programs should brought back into the district.

“Its the right thing to do and we’re glad to have our youngsters here,” he said.

The committee voted 5-0 to approve an student trip in April 2013 that would include stops in Venice, Vienna, and Prague. The early approval should help interested students plan ahead of time for the trip and start paying for the trip earlier.

“I’m just trying to plan well in advance because these trips....they’re expensive. The companies give the students a little bit of an advantage for signing up by April 1st,” Oliver Ames history teacher and trip organizer Eveline Johnson said.

With a vote of 5-0 the school committee decided to renew their contract with Lucini Bus Lines. After receiving the interest of eight bus lines and four bids, the school committee decided to stick with Lucini Bus Lines for $839,340 for a three year contract.

was also approved 5-0. The policy requires all new students to take the impact test prior to participating in contact sports. All students would only have to take it when they initially start participating in the sport.

“The Easton public schools takes the safety of its student athletes very seriously,” Director of School System Operations David Twombly said “The underlying philosophy is when it doubt, sit them out.”

The new policy looks to keep the school and the athletic department aware of any potential concussions to any OA student-athlete. The athletic department will be responsible with sharing any information with the coaches’, school nurse, and school doctor on any student-athlete who had a previous concussion.

The retirement of three members of the Easton school district was approved 5-0. Easton public school psychologist Laurel Silverman, consumer science teacher Mary Jo McLaughlin, and first grade teacher Sherry Alford will all retire at the end of the school year. McLaughlin appeared in front of the school committee to thank them for their support.

“I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your support,” McLaughlin said. “Not only for my department but for educators throughout Easton.”

Janet Sroczynski December 21, 2012 at 09:29 PM
It has been brought to my attention that over 30 families within the current Easton Public School system have been either removed from their school in Easton, or are being threatened by the Easton Public Schools, to be removed. Very threatening and demanding letters have been sent out by the current Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Green, with threatening "Tuition" payments being demanded of families, residents and taxpayers of the town of Easton, Massachusetts. With this poor economy, families being forced to relocate and incur storage unit fees, and with the Easton Middle School announcing on their "PA-announcement system" that if they happen to hear of families moving, or if they over-hear students talking about it in the hallways of the Easton Public Schools, that they should contact the school principal immediately. That announcement was made at the start of this current school system by the Easton Middle School Principal. If you hear of other Easton residents and taxpayers who are being threatened by the current town of Easton School Department, please contact me or the Massachusetts Attorney General's, or both.
Janet Sroczynski December 23, 2012 at 04:59 PM
To Easton Residents and Taxpayers; Members of The Easton School Committee; let's review the following article: "School Committee to Get a Firm Grip on Legal Costs" an article posted on the web by Andria Farrell of Gatehouse News Service on June 13, 2008 regarding the Boston, Massachusetts Lawfirm of Stoneman, Chandler & Miller LLP, 99 High Street, Boston, MA 02110 and telephone 1.617.542.6789 and email/website at: http://www.scmllp.com. Regarding: Attorney Rebecca L. Bryant and Duxbury, Massachusetts School Committee: Link found at: http://www.wickedlocal.com/duxbury/news/x379967207/School-committee-wants-to-get-a-firm-grip-on-legal-costs#axzz2F+2y7dmT 2008 Fees Charged by Rebecca L. Bryant at the lawfirm of Stoneman, Chandler & Miller LLP as stated in the article are: $200 per hour; $250 per hour for tiered legal fee system for non-basic items. How do you feel about current members of the Easton School Department, Principals, the Superintendent of Schools in Easton, the Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Easton, Teachers and other members of the town of Easton, including the Easton Police Department, using Easton Resident and Taxpayer money to: 1) Hire the Easton Police Department to photograph Easton Resident and Taxpayers land/property/mailboxes? Do you find the policy to be Fraud? A waste of Taxpayer and Resident money? Do you find the policy to be Racketeering? How about Demanding Tuition Payments, do you find that to be Extortion?
Janet Sroczynski December 26, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Cathy MacLeod of Millis, Massachusetts - current Superintendent of Schools in Easton is interviewing for the position of Superintendent in Hopkington, Massachusetts. Link, resume and details found at: http://hcam.tv/sites/default/superintendent_finalists-12-20-12.pdf Who has been paying for the doctoral candidate of May 2013 Cathy MacLeod at the School of Education at Boston University, Residents and Taxpayers in Easton? Was this on Taxpayer time? For less than 3 years worth of service, having come to Easton from the Pembroke Public Schools.
Janet Sroczynski December 26, 2012 at 03:27 PM
cont'd - correction: That should read: Cathy MacLeod of Millis, Massachusetts - the current Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Easton, is interviewing for the position of Superintendent in Hopkington, Massachusetts.


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