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Easton School Committee Discusses IPad Pilot Progam

A technology advisory group would oversee technology usefulness in schools

Easton Public School offiicals are looking to see how effective iPads could be in classroom learning.

The Easton School Committee is discussing a pilot program that would test the devices' usefulness.

"The fear is that we don’t want to purchase a number of iPads to go out to teachers and for it to be a toy and not enriching the students' learning," Easton Public Schools System Technician Peter Twiraga told the Easton School Committee during a workshop Friday afternoon.

"Really what we wanted to do is establish this pilot program and have backup for it. We want to have them provide the lessons they’re going to be doing with the iPad and show how they’ve done it without the iPad in the past, and compare it to iPad usage."

Twiraga and District Technology Facilitator Donna Davey recommended the formation of a Technology Advisory Group to oversee technology usage in the schools and see what works and what doesn't work.

The Technology Advisory Group, or "TAG", would consist of teachers in different grade levels along with Special Education teachers.

The group would ensure new technology is useful in the classroom.

"I think to just jump on board because it’s cool or because  it’s the latest greatest thing is not a good idea," School Committee Member Caroline O'Neill said.

The School Committee agreed to discuss the details of the group in more depth in August.

Scotty June 28, 2012 at 07:51 PM
The teachers are always looking to spend the taxpayer's money! ENOUGH already! Learn to do with what you have! What an ungrateful bunch!


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