Southeastern Class of 2011 Graduates

Easton students graduated in Southeastern's class of 2011.

Sixteen Easton students graduated from Wednesday night after receiving what Superintendent Luis Lopes called a "different type of education."

"Over the last four years, you committed to working harder, indeed harder than most," Lopes told the graduates. "You were held to the same academic standards and assessments as all other students in the Commonwealth.  You were also held to industry and vocational standards set by the workforce.  Tonight, I am proud to announce that you met those standards and are graduating."

The ceremony was held at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton. 258 students from 24 different programs received their diplomas. It was Southeastern's 43rd commencement ceremony.

Lopes chronicled the students' progress over the years in his speech, touching on students finding the right classes and programs when they first arrived, finding part-time jobs throughout their education and eventually applying for colleges or entering the work force.

"As a graduate, you have the core skills necessary to be successful in any college or university or enter into a high-demand high-paying career field," he said. "We committed to providing you with a complete education – a high school education that combines high academic expectations with relevant vocational skills."

Lopes also honored longtime Easton resident and former Southeastern School Committee member, Ralph Armstead, who died last fall.

"Elected in 1972, he served the citizens of our nine communities for over 38 years and we would not be here today if it were not for his tenacity and love of this school," he said.

Easton residents to receive diplomas Wednesday included:

  • Matthew Carroll
  • Kathleen Rodriguez
  • Shannon Pina
  • Diana Simmons
  • Colleen Aubut
  • Valentin Parker
  • Benjamin Hunt
  • Daniel Salvucci
  • James Dolliver
  • Pierce Wheeler
  • Scott Reynolds
  • Richard Wu
  • Edward Alger
  • Joshua Hughes
  • David Pacini
  • Robert Alger


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