Southeastern Regional to Face Cuts in FY13

With less Easton enrollment, the town will pay less in district aid.

A budget proposed by the School Committee will likely see a number of budget cuts in the upcoming year.

"We'll have a potential small reduction in staff, administrative and teaching-wise and [we have to] tighten our belts - hopefully for one last year to try to get through this," Southeastern Superintendent Lou Lopes told Easton Selectmen Monday night.

Lopes appeared before the board with Southeastern School Committee members Michael Pietrowski of Easton and Mark Linde of Brockton.

The school's operating budget, which totals $20,439,028, will see a reduction in adminstrative staff by $104,236 and instructional staff by $447,430. Additonally, cuts will likely be made in non-salary expenses by $125,963.

The particularly difficult year is partly a result of the Federal Jobs Grant and stimulus money running out, Lopes said.The budget uses $60,876 from the Ed. Jobs Grant, which is $287,496 less than last year.

Easton's budget deficit was actually helped by Southeastern's proposed budget, however, which asks the town for $32,416 less in district aid than the year before. In 2012, the town paid the Regional School $731,211. In 2013, however, the town will be asked to pay $698,795.

Lopes said a decline in enrollment from Easton played into the town's smaller assessment. Shovel Town student enrollment is down from 66 to 60 students this year.

Most of Southeastern's enrollment comes from Brockton, which pays 60 percent of the school's district aid.



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