Southeastern Technical Institute Graduates 43 New Professionals

Ceremony took place last week

Amid cheering faculty, staff, families and community members, 43 graduates of the Southeastern Technical Institute commenced their graduation on Wednesday night, May 23, 2012, in deep blue caps and gowns, to the traditional music of “Pomp and Circumstance”.

Having completed their post-secondary majors in Dental Assisting, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and Medical Assisting, the graduates are fully equipped to sit for their certification exams and boards as early as next week. Through the school’s excellent externship program, 47% of the graduates already received job offers prior to tonight’s ceremony.

The evening began with a welcome by Mr. Dave Degan, Director of the Technical Institute, who introduced Medical Assisting graduate Ana Vega, who lead the Pledge of Allegiance. The National Anthem followed.

Mr. Dave Degan next commended the audience for their roles in the success of tonight’s graduates. He welcomed and thanked the families and friend of graduates, members of the school committee, Superintendent Mr. Luis Lopes, faculty and staff, and most importantly, the Southeastern Technical Institute Class of 2012 Graduates.

All of the graduates are success stories who just a year ago, were searching for something they did not possess. Some wanted to expand their education, some got back to education after a break, and some wanted a total career change, but all chose to further their education within a career field that fit their professional aspirations. The positive effects of the programs at STI are felt across New England and across generations, as 90% of the students attend because they have a relative, friend or co-worker that were, or know, a former STI student who told them to come here for a good education. Graduates leave prepared and employable, ready to work hard and enjoy their chosen careers every day.

Next on the program, Superintendent Luis Lopes and Southeastern Regional District School Committee Chairman Mark Linde shared encouragement and advice.

A highlight of the evening was the student speeches, with each of the 3 majors being represented. Brianna Szwedko was selected to represent Dental Assisting students. She reminisced with classmates about the close bond they forged as they went from novices to mini dental geniuses. They worked hard and were taught by remarkable teachers who got them ready for their 300 hours of clinical rotations, for graduation, and now for a dental assisting career.

James Arruda spoke on behalf of fellow HVAC students, some of whom began the program having some background in this field of work, but most did not. All grew into a new trade, beyond the traditional technical skills, on to personal and management skills. One of the most important tools the talented and experienced faculty brought home was the topic of safety, to ensure they will come home daily to their waiting families.

Medical Assisting Graduate Diane Trennie-Russell enthusiastically congratulated her classmates with a resounding “We Did It”! The moment had arrived, and the work and sacrifice was worth it as the time has come to put all that they learned into practice. Strong bonds of friendships were forged in the Class of 2012 that are likely to last a long time, even as classmates go their separate ways.

Following the presentation of awards and scholarships, each student received a well-earned diploma, presented by Christopher Deleo, Norton representative of the Southeastern Regional District School Committee. The last component of the ceremony was for Mr. Degan to certify the graduates with a final task of standing and moving their tassels from the right to left side to complete all of the requirements of their respective programs. “It is my honor and pleasure to certify you as graduates of the Southeastern Technical Institute” announced Mr. Degan, as he thanked and bid all a good night.

Graduates of the STI Class of 2012 include the following students.

Dental Assisting:

Melissa Carpentieri of Brockton - Highest Honors

Renee DeBarros, Acushnet - Honors

Erica Gallant, Taunton - High Honors and Scholarship recipient

Samantha Goodspeed - Rockland

Heather Holmes, South Easton - Honors

Dayna Holmes, Middleboro - High Honors

Elizabeth Little, East Bridgewater – High Honors

Sandra McCann, Brockton

Nathalie Mendes, New Bedford

Tiffanie Monaghan, Brockton – Highest Honors

Evelise Sanches, Brockton – Honors

Melinda Silveira, Brockton – Honors

Lauren Sirois, East Bridgewater – High Honors and Scholarship recipient

Lynda Soule, Taunton – Honors

Brianna Szwedko, West Bridgewater

Megan Tangaro, Raynham, Highest Honors and Scholarships recipient

Julie Tritto, Stoughton


Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

James Arruda, Brockton – High Honors and Scholarship recipient

Carlos Cardoso, Brockton – High Honors

Matthew Henriksen, Brockton

Stephen Ierardo, North Easton – Honors

Christopher Instasi, Norton – High Honors

Edward Jaynes III, Brockton

Christopher MacFarlane, East Bridgewater – Honors


Medical Assisting

Rianne Baker, Halifax

Danielle Brocato, Taunton – Highest Honors

Daphnee Cedor, Brockton

Sara Deroo, East Bridgewater

Shannon Fralick, Brockton – Honors

Heather Gavin, East Bridgewater – Honors

Gina Gilbert, Middleboro

Rachel Gunter, Brockton

Kristina Hammond, East Bridgewater – Highest Honors

Jennifer Lemieux, Stoughton – High Honors and Scholarship recipient

Cindy Morin, Brockton – High Honors

Abbey Peterson, Brockton, Scholarship recipient

Courtney Rodrigues, Stoughton

Susan Sykes, Berkley – High Honors

Diane Treannie-Russell, Foxboro

Ignace Valcourt, Brockton – High Honors and Scholarship recipient

Ana Vega, Milton – Honors

Janelle Vicente, Brockton

Stacey Wluka, South Easton – Highest Honors


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